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Best IIT JEE Preparation Books | Recommended By IIT Toppers

Choosing the right books to study is vital during preparation for IIT JEE. Buying every book and stalking it in your study room will not do any good. Rather it will turn you down from preparation. With several books scattered around, you may find it boring to study. Selecting the best books for IIT JEE preparation will help you in the best way. It has always been the methodology adopted by IIT toppers. Aim at the eye of the bird and shoot at the perfect moment.

Best Books Recommended By IIT Toppers

Along with a foolproof plan and carefully designed exam strategy, the meticulously chosen collection of books for each subject will matter a lot. Those will have the study material arranged impeccably to guide you and coach you optimally. We have analyzed the books, guides, and texts available for IIT JEE preparation. And ascertained the best ones for you. Of course, in addition to the books, guidance from professional tutors is of paramount importance in your preparation for IIT JEE exams. They can give you a positive push towards your aim. Here are some of the best books for JEE listed according to each subject.

Best Books For JEE Preparation – Physics

Physics is a subject that amalgamates theory and practical concepts well. You can score well if you understood the practical aspects of the subjects and the effects of it in our life, the equipment we see around and its utilization to ease our lives.

The best books for IIT JEE preparation must elaborate even on the complex topics to make it simple. Thereby, nourishing you and strengthening the basics of Physics. The following table shows the best physics book for IIT JEE, you may choose the following books to prepare Physics for IIT JEE. A thorough preparation using the books will help you to become the selected one.



Concepts of Physics for JEE (Vlo I and Vol II)

HC Verma

Fundamentals of Physics

Halliday, Resnick and Walker

Objective Questions on Physics

DC Pandey

Problems in Physics

AA Pinsky

Problems in General Physics

IE Irodov

Collection of Questions and Problems in Physics

LA Sena

Feynman Lectures on Physics

RP Feynman

Physics Vol I and Vol II

Paul A Tipler

Advance Level Physics

Nelkon, Michael, Parker and Philip

Best Books For JEE Preparation – Chemistry

The syllabus of JEE Chemistry is very elaborate. You need to formulate a stepwise process and organize the study for optimum preparedness. Those who do not possess a taste in the chemical reaction, theories, and formulas may find it difficult to imbibe the concept easily.

The JEE books we discuss here contain the necessary theories and principles in an elaborative and explanatory manner. So, it will be comfortable for you to comprehend the subject easily. And the theories once studied will remain in your memory. So, here are some best chemistry book for IIT that you can refer to.



Organic Chemistry

OP Tandon

Organic Chemistry

Morrison, Boyd and Bhattacharjee

Organic Chemistry

Arihant Prakashan

Inorganic Chemistry

OP Tandon

Inorganic Chemistry

JD Lee

Numerical Chemistry


Best Books For JEE Preparation – Mathematics

Mathematics is a difficult subject, at the same time, a subject in which you can score maximum marks. By pursuing a thorough and diligent study process, you can attend maximum questions and score great grades in the IIT JEE exam. Due to this fact, IIT toppers consider Mathematics as a subject of predominant value.

You need to formulate an exam strategy, by which you can attend maximum Mathematics questions correctly. There are also shortcuts available that could be used for performing even the most complicated calculations. Ensure that your base of Mathematics is strong enough that you do not have any kind of confusion while attempting complex problems. The below-mentioned are some of the best maths books for IIT that will guide and support you. And make you confident to attend both JEE mains and JEE Advanced exams.



Mathematics XI and XII

RD Sharma

IIT JEE Mathematics (New Pattern)

SK Goyal

Higher Algebra

Hall Knight

New Pattern Mathematics JEE Mains/ Advanced

Arihant Publishers

IIT JEE Mathematics

ML Khanna & JN Sharma

Integral Calculus for IIT JEE

Amit Agarwal

Trigonometry Coordinate Geometry

SL Loney

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What Else Can You Follow to Prepare Well for JEE?

Commencing preparations well in advance and following it judiciously will strengthen your knowledge and make you confident to attend IIT JEE. Hence, collect the JEE books and embark on the preparation without any further delay. The following points must be taken into account when buying the books for IIT JEE.

  • The books explain the aspects in a clear way. Thereby, enabling you to understand the key points without difficulty
  • The book must contain short cuts and useful tips that will make your learning process entertaining and easy
  • You must choose only the latest edition of the book. As the previous version may miss several updates, which might have happened in the current year
  • The guides and books you buy must contain all the topics from the syllabus
  • Limit the number of books you buy. Don’t stack up books, as said in the introductory paragraphs. The vision of a large number of books itself will tire you.
  • Make a schedule for studying from each book. With this, you can complete all the books and cover all the topics in a systematic way.

The Role of Coaching Academies

You can score great grades if you prepare yourself well from the study material you have collected. However, we human beings tend to slow down or relax too much after continuing preparation for some time. A gentle and positive push from a professional tutor or a teaching academy will help you continue the preparation.

Although it is up to an individual whether to obtain support and guidance from IIT JEE coaching academies or not, it will be in the best of their interest to join a coaching center. Online entrance coaching is also advisable in the prevalent pandemic conditions. You must keep moving and nothing should stop you from the preparation for IIT JEE Mains and Advanced. Only the hardworking ones can reach the selected few. You must put up hard work along with smart work, to crack the IIT JEE in the first attempt itself.

So you got the list of best books for IIT JEE recommended by IIT toppers.. Now start preparation…

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