What is the Best Time to Join NEET/JEE Classes?

In order to keep up with the extremely competitive JEE and NEET exams, students frequently seek assistance from coaching centres. Unlike regular tuition, coaching classes are considered essential for students who require additional assistance and specialized guidance. The National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test (NEET) is a well-known medical admission examination held annually throughout India. Aspiring medical students who want to study MBBS, BDS, or other medical degrees at both government and private medical institutes in India and overseas must take the NEET. As the number of applicants grows each year, the competition gets increasingly fierce. Alpha Entrance Institute has established itself as a reputable entrance coaching centre in Alappuzha, Kerala. We offer a one-of-a-kind platform for students to crack NEET/JEE by improving their competency through well-experienced faculty and concept-oriented tutoring, effectively preparing them to take the national-level Exams. In this blog, we will delve into various factors and considerations to help you determine the best time to join NEET/JEE classes.

Is Starting JEE/NEET Coaching from the 9th the Best Decision?

Entrance exam coaching at a young age fosters the development of logical and analytical reasoning skills, which prove invaluable in tackling competitive exams. Our coaching centres’ organised strategy assists students in quickly aligning their future academic way. In addition, the inspiring environment instills a sense of dedication and hard effort in students, propelling them towards their goals. Students obtain a deeper comprehension of courses, opening the way for exam achievement, with sufficient time for mastering concepts, resolving doubts, and reinforcing learning. Adequate revision and practice time improve their readiness even more.

Coaching lessons are especially effective for students who have a specific career goal, such as engineering or medicine. For those who are uncertain about their career choices, it is wise to gain clarity before enrolling in coaching classes.

High school is an important time in a student’s emotional, social, and personal growth. Coaching and competitive exam preparation may impede holistic and personality development during this crucial stage.

Students’ connection with their school is frequently limited due to the large time commitment required for coaching lessons and exam preparation. As kids get focused on coaching lessons and tests, this might have a negative impact on their academic and social life at school.


What are the Reasons for Opting For JEE/NEET Coaching from Class 11th?

Students are better prepared to make educated decisions when they join class 11 since they have a greater awareness of alternative career pathways and their possibilities. This insight gives them more confidence in their decisions and serves as a significant motivator for them to work hard. There are many reasons why students opt for JEE/NEET coaching from class 11th.

Support from NCERT Syllabus: The JEE/NEET exams are based on the NCERT syllabus, so it is important for students to have a strong foundation in the NCERT material. Coaching institutes typically follow the NCERT syllabus, and they can help students to understand the concepts and solve problems in a way that is consistent with the NCERT material.

More Time to Study: Starting coaching sessions in class 11 allows students to participate in a variety of activities, strengthening their abilities and personality. This extra time also helps students to consider several career paths before making a final decision.

Understanding the Syllabus: Coaching institutes can help students to develop a better understanding of the syllabus. They can do this by providing students with clear explanations of the concepts, by giving them practice problems to solve, and by providing them with feedback on their work. This can help students to identify their strengths and weaknesses, and it can help them to improve their overall performance.


Is commencing JEE/NEET coaching from Class 11 too late?

Students confront the issue of coping with advanced syllabus and coaching after merely selecting their stream, which can constitute an additional load. Starting JEE/NEET coaching sessions in class 11 may put these students at a disadvantage as compared to those who started earlier. They may need to work harder to catch up with their peers’ study habits and levels.

With coaching beginning in class 11, students have only two years to cover the entire syllabus, leaving them with less time to prepare for board exams. This time constraint may have an impact on their board exam grades because they must juggle both coaching requirements and board test preparation at the same time.

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What Are Some Essential Tips for Class 11 and Class 12 Students?


  • Organise the chapters based on common fundamentals, such as combining all of Organic Chemistry together and studying Gravitation alongside Electrostatics, Biological Classification with Microbes in Human Welfare, and so on.
  • Make certain that the present curriculum is not ignored while reviewing earlier topics.
  • Set aside one hour per day to review chapters that are not directly related to the 12th syllabus. Do as much as you can in that time window before moving on to other activities.
  • If you haven’t already, make some short notes for easy and rapid revision.
  • If you are unable to read the subsequent chapters in detail, use a summary-diagrams-summary strategy. This will provide only a basic comprehension of the majority of the information.

What is the Best Time to Join JEE/NEET Classes?

The best time to join JEE/NEET coaching classes depends on various factors, including the student’s individual abilities, interests, and goals. However, in general, it is advisable to start coaching in class 9 or 10.

Some of the benefits of joining coaching classes in class 9 or 10 are:

  • Students will get more time to understand the syllabus and learn the material thereby developing their problem-solving skills.
  • It also helps students develop a strong foundation in the basics. JEE/NEET syllabus is very vast, and it can be difficult for students to learn everything on their own.
  • Entrance coaching classes have experienced teachers and mentors who can help students to understand the basics. They also provide enough study materials for the students.
  • A structured learning environment is provided by the coaching institutes so that students can stay on track with their studies. This can be especially helpful for students who are not self-motivated.


Alpha Entrance Academy provides a complete student-centered learning strategy to ace the entrance tests. Our NEET/JEE coaching centre in Kerala, with a team of distinguished faculty members, provides ongoing guidance and round-the-clock support, assuring specific attention and leadership to each student. The highly interactive teaching-learning style is geared to students’ specific needs, offering ample support along their journey. Furthermore, rigorous feedback and coaching follow topic- and subject-specific examinations, as well as major assessment test series, to fully prepare students for the NEET/JEE exam. At Alpha Entrance Academy, we are dedicated to providing students with the knowledge, skills, and confidence they need to achieve their NEET/JEE goals.

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