10 Best and Easiest Ways to Remember Formulas for JEE

JEE is one of the most coveted and extremely competitive exams attempted by students to achieve their dream of studying in the top tier engineering colleges in India: the IITs. It is a very arduous process of months-long steady preparation which helps to crack the IIT JEE. But, hard work is not the only solution to success; one has to be mindful of applying smart strategies to score and be best out of the lot. Here in this blog we are going to introduce 10 best and easiest ways to remember formulas for JEE which will help you score best.

Best and Easiest Ways to Remember Formulas for JEE


1. Learn the Formula Derivation

There are more than a handful of formulas that you are required to remember when you are preparing for your JEE exam and it becomes difficult and time consuming as the time approaches closer to the exam date. The best and easiest ways to remember formulas for JEE will be learning to understand how these formulas are derived. When you learn this process, you can easily derive your needed formulas from the couple of existing ones which will help you reduce the number of formulas that have to remembered.

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2. Try to Visualize the Formula

Visualizing the formulas is one of the best and easiest ways to remember formulas for JEE and this doesn’t come to you in a day or two, constant practice is what is required to master this process. Trying to get a visual interpretation of the formulas and the symbols used in it can help you recollect them during exams easily. Writing them on sticky notes and placing them wherever you can easily get a quick look is a good idea while preparing for the IIT JEE entrance exam.

3. Emphasize on One Formula at a Time

JEE exams are highly competitive, and there are students from India and abroad who are trying to get into the world-renowned IITs. This should put students in a tizzy, prompting them to cram in as much information as possible in one sitting. Practicing to learn and remember formulas through these methods will do more harm than good as it can confuse the students. So, it will be ideal if you can get one formula, understand it, and then go to the next one. This will make your foundation strong and help you recall the formulas effectively.

4. Memorize the Formulas on a Daily Basis

If there are no other ways to remember the formulas, it is sometimes necessary to memorize them. The memorizing can be done by reading the formulas on a regular basis. Memorizing the formulas must be accomplished because formulas comprise the majority of the questions on the JEE exam. Having a good memory of the formulae is definitely going to help you during the JEE exams and help you score good marks.

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5. Relax and Concentrate

Good sleep and rest can easily help you concentrate better. A tired mind will never help you be fully invested in the exam or in its learning process. Sleeping for good amount of time can help keep the mind and the brain sane and be receptive to the knowledge that you are gaining. It also helps in the memorization of concepts and help you get the right information when attempting the questions during the JEE entrance exam.

6. Create Sticky Notes

Sticky notes can be a lifesaver when put into use in a very meaningful way and especially when you are preparing for the JEE exams. Preparing sticky notes comes with a talent for explaining the steps in the most precise way, and it helps in getting a good look at the point while revising before the exams. Sticky notes can also help you indicate the areas that need important attention and that have to go through effective revision.

7. Keep a Small Book Always Handy

Keeping a pocket-sized book with you with all the formulas handwritten can help you to a great extent. These books can be carried around easily and will help you with an impromptu revision as and when you require it, which will help you memorize the formulas easily. This book can help you get a quick look at all the important formulas just before exams and refresh your memory at the same time.

8. Prepare a Mnemonic Code to Memorize Formulas

Memorizing the formulas can be done efficiently by creating shortcuts through mnemonic codes that are easily understood by you. A mnemonic code is a self-contained pattern or direction that allows the learner to quickly identify a difficult concept. Associating formulas with something you can easily recall during exams can help you retain more information because the formulas no longer appear dry and unfamiliar. These codes can be either in alphabets or numerals or in a combined form.

9. Take the Formulae Tests Regularly

The next best and easiest way to remember formulas for JEE is to learn them and test yourself with them on a regular basis. You can also ask your parents to take part and give you some timed tests, which can help you understand where you stand and see where you are going wrong. Self-realizations and ascertainments can help improve the method of study or enhance the areas where you are lacking confidence or expertise, which eventually helps you get a higher score in the JEE entrance exams.

10. Say No to Stress

The exam requires a good understanding of the concepts, especially the formulas. This can definitely put you in a stressful situation, and you tend to feel tired and tense throughout the entire preparation and while attempting the exam. Having an immense amount of stress can lead to forgetting things, which has a very drastic effect on your final scores. So, it is very important to be calm and composed without overexerting yourself while preparing for exams. Getting in the groove and implementing smart tactics is the best way to stay away from stress, and getting enough sleep will definitely help you concentrate in the best possible way.

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