Career Options After NEET

Medicine is one of the noblest pursuits of humankind. It is not surprising that irrespective of the years of hardship and effort it demands, a career in medicine is something many people aspire for. In India, a student would have to clear the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) to pursue a course in medicine. There are multiple career options after NEET, other than being a doctor, that any medicine aspirant can pursue. Here we list out the different career options available for those who have cleared NEET:


career after NEET MBBS

The most popular NEET career option would be to become a doctor after pursuing the MBBS course. Being a doctor involves rigorous study and dedication, and is still considered one of the most hard-earned careers. Once a student completes the MBBS course, they can choose their preferred field of specialization to become a doctor in that area.

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2. BDS

Career after NEET BDS

For those interested in the field of dentistry, the most preferred career option after NEET would be BDS. A dentist will have the choice of either working at a hospital in the dentistry department or can set up their dental clinic to start practice. 


Career after NEET BAMS

Another career option after NEET would be becoming an Ayurveda doctor after clearing the BAMS course. The BAMS course aims at providing well-rounded and holistic learning for healing through Ayurveda. Once completed, a person can practice as an Ayurvedic physician or an Ayurvedic surgeon.


Career after NEET BHMS

BHMS is another alternative medicine approach through the science of homeopathy. Homeopathic doctors are in great demand in India and abroad. You can become a homeopathy doctor after clearing NEET and pursuing the BHMS course. You have a great career as a homeopathy doctor in practice after completing the course.


Career after NEET BSMS

BSMS is the science of Siddha medicine, falling under the AYUSH system. You can become a doctor of Siddha after clearing NEET for eligibility and completing the 5 and a half years of study that includes classroom learning and internship. If you are interested in alternative medicine, BSMS is an ancient medical practice that has found popularity in recent times. 

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6. Nutritionist

Career after NEET Nutritionist

The rise in lifestyle diseases, health consciousness, and the drive to pursue an active lifestyle has made people aware of the importance of food and nutrition. There is a growing demand for specialized nutritionists in the country who can help you fight the sedentary lifestyle and its associated illnesses. As a nutritionist, you can work in independent practice, be a sports nutritionist for any sports person or team, write research papers or even work in the food production industry.

7. Food Science/Technology

Career after NEET Anthropology

For those interested in biology and engineering, food science and technology would be a perfect choice. With food technology, you can learn about the science behind food, food safety, packaging, innovations in food, sourcing and raw materials, and a variety of other fields. It is one of the most exciting fields in medicine for those looking to tread the offbeat path.

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8. Clinical Researcher/ Life Science Researcher

Career after NEET researcher

Clinical Research is a field that is much in demand all over the world, but still in the nascent stage in India. There is a huge demand for clinical researchers in the country, which makes this an appealing and attractive job opportunity. You can find jobs in ICMR, CCMB, St John’s Research Institute, WHO, and other recognized research institutes in India and abroad. 

9. Anthropologist

career after NEET anthropology

There is growing recognition for behavioral sciences and how it affects every aspect of human nature. This is where the role of anthropology comes in. An anthropologist is a person who studies human evolution and traits. There are many branches of anthropology that you can pursue such as environmental anthropology, social anthropology, medical anthropology, and public anthropology. There is a dearth of anthropologists in the country, which makes it a very lucrative field for aspiring anthropologists.

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10. Nursing

Career after NEET Nursing

Nursing as you know is one of the most dedicated and hard-working professions out there. A nurse is required to assist the doctor in their service, ensure timely care and checkups for patients and be a support system throughout. It is one of the NEET career options that is forever in demand, not just in India, but around the world as well. There are plenty of hospitals in the private and public sectors where nurses are in high demand.

11.  Agriculture and Animal Husbandry

Career after NEET Agriculture

If you wish to pursue a career serving animals and plants, then agriculture and animal husbandry are the best NEET career options for you. From agriculture management to dairy farming, there are plenty of opportunities in this field where one would be required to undertake research activities for improving the production and quality of crops, breeding and nourishment of animals, greenhouse management and plant growth, etc. 

12. Pharmacy

Career after NEET Pharmacy

Last but not the least, India being one of the largest drug and medicine manufacturers in the world, there is a huge market for pharmacists in hospitals across the nation. You can pursue the B.Pharm course and either join as a pharmacist in any reputed hospital or you can also clear PG/NET and become a drug researcher, both of which offer ample opportunities. 


Career options after NEET need not be restricted to one or two options. A lot of career opportunities await you in the field of medicine based on your vocation and interests. So take a leap and start your NEET preparation with a renowned NEET coaching institute like Alpha Academy and achieve your dream career in the field of medicine. Talk to us to know more about our medical entrance repeaters program.

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