Best Career Options To Pursue If NEET Score Is Low

The NEET score may be low even though the aspirant has prepared wholeheartedly. Many get disheartened with the marks and they will feel as if there is no future. It is not the case. You fail only when you accept defeat and stop trying. It is a known fact that great achievements come only after determined efforts and constant struggles. There are several other options to pursue if your NEET score is low. Nothing can stop a determined heart from attaining great success in life.

Alternative Career Option For Low Score NEET Students

Here are the best courses that you can choose if you haven’t cracked the NEET examination or failed to get admission for MBBS.

Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical Engineering studies the concept of implementing engineering theories and ideas in medical and biological fields. This sector is registering gradual growth. It offers good employment opportunities. With the increase in usage of engineering technology in the medical field, the prominence is expected to grow. Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) in Biomedical Engineering is a four-year course. The students, who have completed 12th with Physics, Chemistry, Maths/ Biology can apply for B Tech in Biomedical Engineering.

Physiotherapy Course

A physiotherapist helps people to recover from immobility issues, body dysfunctions, and physical ailments. One must qualify a physiotherapy course for becoming a physiotherapist. Subsequent to qualification, the physiotherapist can prefix his/ her name with “Dr” and offer service as a freelancer by opening a clinic or at elite hospitals. The physiotherapy course extends an opportunity for fulfilling the dream of becoming a doctor. 

Bachelor of Occupational Therapy

The 4 ½ years-long courses of Occupational therapy will enable the candidate to analyze the physical status of a person and aid him/ her in relieving physical ailments. This field has been growing phenomenally since the beginning of this decade, with many individuals encountering physical and cognitive problems due to various physical and psychological issues. The occupational therapist will advise physical exercises, exclusive therapies and other treatment methods to resolve the ailments. The aspirants, who want to pursue this course, must have passed 10+2 with Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.

B.Sc. in Biotechnology

The Biotechnology field explores the usage of technology in biology. By effective use of technology on living systems and organisms, it develops products that can be beneficial to human life. The students with 10+2 qualification with subjects Physics, Chemistry, Maths/ Biology can apply for B. Sc. course in Biotechnology. The field involves extensive studies of microorganisms and bio-molecular analysis. 

B.Sc. in Microbiology

As the name suggests, the Bachelor of Science in Microbiology involves studies of microorganisms. This 3-year long undergraduate program focuses on identifying and examining the microorganisms, including bacteria, found in soil, water, plants, food items and so on. The detailed analysis will help the microbiologists to suggest methods to follow for a healthier life, the dos and don’ts to make the world safe, and the precautions to be observed to prevent diseases. 

Bachelor of Psychology

One can become a psychologist after completing the 3-year undergraduate program. The job opportunities of psychologists are increasing, mainly due to the increase in psychological issues due to stressful living environments. The workload, familial problems, environmental conditions, and busy work/life scenario is causing mental issues to many. Psychologists and counsellors are the last hope for those people. 

The bachelor of psychology course will educate regarding the treatment methodologies to resolve mental health issues and maintain a positive attitude. The exhaustive study of human psychological conditions, behavioural problems, and mental state will enable the student to become a psychologist. Choose this field if you want to pursue your career in the field of psychology.

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In addition to these courses, one can also opt for Bachelor of Science in Cardiac or Cardiovascular Technology, Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology, Bachelor of Respiratory Therapy, Cardiovascular Technologist, Biologist, Cytogeneticists, Zoologist, Nutritionist etcetera. Just remember one thing that NEET is not the ultimate thing. There are plenty of ways to become successful in life. The only thing is one should not lose hope and stop attempting.

A systematic preparation and confident attitude are what distinguish a winner from others. One can score good marks and join the professional college of choice by preparing well under the guidance of an expert tutor. The teacher would be able to guide him/ her the right way. Besides putting up efforts, the right exam strategy also matters a lot. 

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