As children approach 11th grade, they begin to wax lyrical about the different career options available to them. An engineering aspirant is surrounded by questions such as how to prepare for IIT from class 11, where to study from, and how much time should be committed to crack the exam. Some students begin their exam preparation one year before the exam, in class 12, but their academics become far too chaotic for them. The majority of applicants nowadays begin their preparation in the eleventh grade.

Why should you start preparing for IIT JEE in class 11?

  • The best time to begin preparing for IIT JEE is in class 11, as the JEE Exam Syllabus includes themes from classes 11 and 12 in the subjects of Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics.
  • If you consider that you will require at least a year of preparation time on average, this, along with class 12 academics, can make it unnecessarily long for everyone. There have been thousands of cases where kids were forced to drop a year following class 12 to prepare ahead. This well-thought-out methodology aids in the proper setup of the subjects, but it also aids in the adoption of a consistent routine.
  • The optimal time to begin your IIT JEE preparation is during the 11th grade. Along similar lines, kids can begin referring to IIT Books for class 11 while preparing for their school assessments.
  • Currently, kids who opt to begin prudent planning as early as class 11 deal with a variety of issues. They have concerns and queries about the best way to begin and stick to the study process, such as what are the IIT planning books for class 11 or the IIT planning timetable for class 11, and so on.

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Here are some suggestions for getting started with IIT JEE preparation in class XI.

1. Go through the complete syllabus of JEE

The first step is to determine what you must study for JEE. Yes, there will include chapters from Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics, and you will be required to study the syllabus for classes 11 and 12, however, the JEE syllabus is extensive. When you first begin JEE preparation, take a short look at the entire JEE syllabus.

Don’t be concerned about the JEE Main and JEE Advanced syllabuses. For both tests, the syllabus is nearly the same. In JEE Advanced, the level of questions is a little higher. You do not need to prepare for JEE Main and JEE Advanced individually.

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2. Join coaching for systematic and guided preparation

Coaching is perfect for students who are starting class 11 and want to prepare well for JEE. You can ask questions about your worries, queries, learning methods, or anything else that is bugging you during JEE coaching sessions. Throughout the process of preparing, have an open mind. Never procrastinate when it comes to your homework and assignments.

3. Make a study schedule or a timetable for yourself

Make a timetable according to your schedule, taking into account your schools and coaching schedules (if any). Daily, the timetable must involve studying all of the courses. Reading the topics on the same day they are taught in school and answering questions about them can help you comprehend them better. It is not necessary to follow your school’s instructional schedule. You may begin a new topic if you have thoroughly comprehended the prior one. You must really adhere to your schedule. It is critical to take breaks in between study sessions to renew your mind. Make sure to schedule time for break sessions.

4. Understand the basic principles, strengthen concepts, and develop a problem-solving mindset

Understand the basic principles in depth now that you have a clear idea of the pattern and syllabus. If you have any questions, seek assistance from your subject teachers. It will be simpler to understand the themes if you study them as part of your school’s curriculum. NCERT books are thought to be the finest for understanding fundamental topics. Time management and question-solving patterns are crucial in the exam. Only by putting a lot of time and effort into practicing and answering questions can you attain this.

5. Be determined and constant in your efforts

To pass the exam, you must be passionate and determined. There will be times when understanding and managing things will be tough. Do not surrender. Keep continuing if you haven’t met your goal/scores yet. Consistency is the most important characteristic for achieving our goals.

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6. Keep revising your learned topics

Students either revise excessively or do not revise at all in most cases. Revise a chapter extensively when you’ve done it, but don’t spend more than 2-3 hours on it. Instead, use reference books to assist you to revise by doing practice problems on the topic. This will assist you in quickly grasping the principles you’ve just learned.

7. Measure your learning and performance

You should also solve question papers during your JEE Main preparation, whether they are sample papers or previous year papers. As you continue to solve question papers, you will gradually get more familiar with the question format, types of questions, test duration, and marking scheme. To succeed in the exams, you need to practice by taking mock tests in addition to solving the question papers. Mock exams will also assist you in considerably improving your exam-taking and time-management skills.

Mock tests will help you to analyze your weak areas and silly mistakes that you made in the test. You should work on your weaker areas or in difficult parts and not repeat the same mistakes in the next test. This way you can improve your preparation and problem solving mindset. Preparation strategy and systematic study plan are important to crack the JEE exam. It is better to join an entrance coaching centre or an online entrance coaching for JEE effective preparation.

Hope the above tips will be useful for you in your preparation.

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