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How to Reduce Negative Marks in NEET Exam

Negative marking is a nightmare for students. It deters them from attending many questions, even if they are almost sure about the answer. With a careful approach and calculated moves, you can reduce negative marks in NEET exam. 

We are discussing here the steps you can pursue to make sure that you have the least negative marks during NEET exam. Thus elevating your possibilities for cracking the NEET exam with flying colours. You may get similar advice when you join NEET coaching centres in Kerala or anywhere else in India.

Tips To Reduce Negative Marks In NEET Exam

The tips are prepared for those students who appear in NEET exam and want to score high marks without scoring any negative marks in NEET exam and to secure their spot in admission.

Read Questions Carefully

You are just halfway through the question, but you know the answer. You mark the one you think to be correct. However, while checking the questions after the exam, you realize that the question you presumed was different, making your answer wrong. This is a common thing that happens with most of the studious students. They will be in a hurry to answer the question. To attend maximum questions possible.

Read questions completely and absorb the crux before answering it. You can improve upon your reading speed by practising constantly. The NEET coaching centres in Kerala guide students to read the question thoroughly. 

Overconfidence is Detrimental

Confidence is productive and overconfidence is destructive. Prepare thoroughly, practice question papers and attend mock tests as much as possible. Never allow the confidence level to grow beyond a limit and start controlling your senses. Otherwise, you may find the exam to be a silly affair. Resulting in an unexpected and unwanted outcome.

No Random Guessing

It’s not advisable to guess the answers. It may be acceptable for a couple of questions, however, not for too many questions. This will not do any good for your results. Rather add up to too many negative marks. 

Avoid Answering Doubtful Questions

The basic aspect of this is preparing thoroughly for the NEET exam. Else, you will have too many doubtful questions. An adequately prepared student will have only some of the questions that are confusing or complex. It is the vice versa for an aspirant without the necessary preparation. Therefore, this point applies to a student, who has undergone meticulous NEET preparation, under guidance from professional academies or by self.

Strategize the Exam

Attending as many mock tests as possible will help you strategize the way to attend the NEET. It will help you in avoiding the last-minute rush during the real exam. Strategize the way to attend the exam. By this, you will be answering almost all of the questions, only after careful reading and analysis. The best NEET coaching centres in Kerala help students in strategizing the exam.

Be Optimistic

An optimistic attitude is a basic ingredient for success. Such an approach will boost your confidence, will brighten up your thoughts, and strengthen your moves. Making your steps determined and unwavering. Strive to attain the best result by focusing on your aim and move ahead in life. The mantra of all the successful personalities you see around.

Prevent Stress

Don’t overstress yourself. The flood of thoughts about the result, the exam pattern or other matters cannot do any good for you. Rather, it will steal your good moments and damage your preparation. Practice yoga, pranayama or other physical activities if required.

Don’t Choose Multiple Answers

If you keep your pen on one of the answers, it is final. Darkening the other circle will make it confusing for the OMR and will cause a negative mark in NEET. Start answering only after confirming the answer.  

Before attempting the exam you should be well prepared, here is the list of best books for NEET 2021 preparation recommended by our tutors.

How To Calculate Negative Marking In NEET

A total of 180 questions will be in NEET exam and the maximum score will be 720 marks.

Marking Scheme In NEET

  1. For each correct answer, 4 marks will be added.
  2. For each wrong answer, 1 mark will be deducted.
  3. No marks are deducted if the question is unattempted.

To calculate your overall score in NEET exam;

  1. Multiply the number of correct answers with four.
  2. Count the number of wrong answers.
  3. The difference between the above will be your NEET mark.

Negative marks can snatch away the possibility of success from you. It is therefore advisable to pursue all the steps that can help you in reducing negative marks in NEET exam. Our professional tutors have been guiding students promptly, to avoid negative marks as much as possible. This has been pivotal in increasing our result percentage since its inception. Turning us, one of the best NEET coaching centres in Kerala.  

Reach out to our NEET coaching centre and join to be a winner.

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