Preparing for competitive exams can be a daunting task on its own. When schoolwork is thrown in, the situation becomes much more difficult. Performing well in both the board examinations and the JEE, is an extremely tedious task for students to handle everything. Aspirants rush from pillar to post, attempting to balance school with the arduous JEE preparation.

We understand how challenging it can be for you, so here are some tips to manage IIT JEE coaching and school together:

1. Choose the right coaching institute

 Many students believe that coaching is unnecessary when studying for the JEE Main and JEE Advanced. But it’s a myth. Coaching can help students in many ways, including:

  • To comprehend the exam’s actual format
  • To assess the exam’s competition,
  • To comprehend the exam syllabus.

When choosing a coaching institute, students must bear the following factors in mind:

  • How old is the institution?
  • How experienced are the faculties?
  • Result of the institution?
  • What kind of study material can they provide?
  • Student-teacher ratio of the institution?
  • Is the coaching institute close to home or the place you are currently staying in?

When a student is preparing for the JEE, it is critical to choose the correct JEE coaching institution. When choosing a coaching institution, make sure that they provide you with all of the essential support on numerous occasions and that they are also prepared for any changes in the style or structure of the tests. 

2. Dedicate weekday for school work and weekend for JEE preparation and its coaching

Sparing time for self-study may be difficult when you work long hours at school and coaching. In such cases, we propose splitting your weekdays and weekends to catch up on the various aspects of your learning. We’ve seen some students complete all of their schoolwork and assignments during the week and still have time to catch up on their coaching on weekends.

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3. Don’t disregard one for the sake of the other

One of the most common mistakes we’ve seen students make is prioritizing IIT JEE preparation over schoolwork. Both the lessons you acquire in school and the ones you learn in coaching are crucial, and none should be overlooked. In reality, everything you study in school serves as the foundation for what you will learn later in your coaching.

4. Rest well and eat healthily

Get enough sleep and consume your meals at the correct time. This way, you will get more time to focus on your studies, school assignments, exams, and JEE preparation. You will be able to concentrate properly and feel energized all  the time. Participate in some type of physical activity as well. Indulging in some kind of physical exercise will greatly rejuvenate your mind and alleviate stress. Maintaining your body’s work can invariably increase your confidence.

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5. Learn to prioritize your work

Doing things at random will serve no purpose. To achieve the intended result, you must prioritize the tasks. To do so, you must first comprehend the relevance and urgency of certain duties. For example, if you believe that a math examination is more significant than completing an online JEE sample test, choose the former. Making a to-do list is one of the most effective methods of prioritizing tasks.

6. Revise smartly and regularly

You’ve probably heard that revising your work overtime is more helpful than studying the night before a test. That is correct. When we study a particular topic repeatedly, the repetition helps to cement the concepts in our brains. The best way to revise is by going over your textbooks, then preparing flashcards and quizzing yourself on what you’ve learned. This will help you focus and make it harder to disperse your thoughts. Revising over time is the most effective technique to prepare for examinations and exams.

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7. Finish your school syllabus by August

There is no hard and fast rule requiring you to adhere to the school’s schedule in order to complete the course. If you want to balance JEE prep and school, attempt to finish your curriculum by August or September. It will assist you in concentrating more on the engineering entrance exam and performing well in the practice examinations.

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8. Continue to read your textbooks

This practice effectively kills two birds with one stone. Being well-versed in the textbook prepares you not only for the Board Exams but also for the JEE Mains. Knowing how to write a little writing will help you create clear, to-the-point responses in subjective tests. Furthermore, JEE Mains examiners scour the NCERT textbook for questions. There is just one method to assure that you haven’t overlooked anything. Get acquainted with the NCERT textbook!

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You can manage both your school and JEE coaching if you follow the above-mentioned strategies and incorporate your own experiences into your study practice. Customize your everyday routine to help break up the monotony.


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