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JEE Main Preparation Tips for Maths

Maths one of the most difficult subject in JEE Mains. At the same time, the subject will help you to score in the JEE exam. You can quickly earn some sure marks if you are thorough about the formulae and theories. A few tips will help you in the effective preparation of Maths for JEE exam.

You should not think about the large number of students attending the exam. Your possibility of cracking the exam depends on your preparedness. Exhaustive and efficient preparation in Maths can give you an upper hand in JEE main preparation. Though the tips we discuss here are generic in nature, it can improve your JEE preparation significantly.

Jee main math preparation

Let’s have a look at the JEE main Maths tips.

Early Planning

You must tabulate the Maths syllabus and portions before you commence the JEE main preparation. Plan your preparation and allocate adequate time according to the difficulty of the topic. Try to provide more time for complex theorems and formulae. Practice more questions from those difficult topics.

Prepare a Timetable

A timetable indicating each day’s portion needs to be prepared. It is better to divide the study time into short sections, rather than a long one. Longer duration of study can tire you. Thus, resulting in boredom. Nothing will register in your brain once boredom envelopes you.

Take a break after studying for some time. It will cool down your brain. And reactivate it for more work. Remember that smart work pays more than hard work.

Avoid Too Many Books

Select only a few books that are of exceptional quality. You may take guidance from seniors or professional teachers regarding the textbooks and guides to refer. Too many books can confuse you and tire you. In turn, resulting in ineffective preparation. Choose the books carefully. So that those will help you in comprehensive preparation for the JEE mains exam.

Practice Old Questions

Practice old questions repeatedly. The question papers will give you an idea about the pattern of questions, the area to focus and  most important topics. You can concentrate on the topics, which are difficult for you. The portions, which are repeated in every question paper, can also be given priority.

Mock Tests

Attend as many mock tests as possible. Mock tests will reveal your flaws in preparation. The feedback you obtain through the mock tests could be used for formulating further preparations. The mock tests will remove tension and stress regarding the JEE main exam. Thus boosting your confidence during the JEE mains entrance exam.

Learn Shortcuts

Learning shortcuts for complex Maths portions is an unavoidable part for successful JEE main preparation. You can Google for possible shortcuts for the difficult Maths problems. Alternatively experienced tutors can teach you useful shortcuts and JEE main maths tips. Proper use of shortcuts along with carefully designed exam strategy can help you in attending maximum Maths questions positively.

Be Optimistic

Be confident and optimistic. Do not allow pessimism to seep into your thoughts. The negative thoughts can fail you even before you realize it. Instil sheer confidence in your attitude and expect a positive outcome for your hard work. Determination and perseverance play wonders in our life.

As it is said; if you think you are a winner, you are a winner. Move ahead with that winner’s attitude. There are no other competitors. You are competing with yourself here. You only have to improve your knowledge level to crack the JEE main exam.

jee math exam prepration

Eat Right, Sleep Tight

Eating the right food and sleeping for the right amount of time is essential. This is not only vital for JEE main preparation but also for every juncture in life. A healthy diet is part of a healthy life.

Sleep gives you adequate rest your brain and body. Hence, sleep time should not be compromised. Missing sleep for days or sleeping for very less time can adversely affect your health. It will drain out your energy without you realising it. As a result, your performance during the JEE main exam will not be as expected.

The JEE main maths tips discussed here can be followed without affecting your sleep or relaxation time. You can consult experienced professional academies or online coaching institutions for guidance regarding the preparation. They might have observed some key peculiarities in the JEE main exam in the past, which you may have failed to notice. The information concerning the subjects, topics and type of questions from the tutors will be beneficial for you.

Prepare, Practice, and Perform.

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