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KEAM Allotment Process – Things to Remember in Option Registration

Options registration in KEAM is a complicated and ambiguous process. The wrong selection of options can turn problematic. You may not get admission to any college if the options are not chosen with extreme care. Students and parents consider varying aspects including job prospects, infrastructure at the institution and proximity to home whilst giving options for the KEAM allotment process. It is advisable for the students, as well as, parents to think and decide concerning the college. Obtaining expert advice would be better than deciding everything for yourself.

Everyone wants to study in the top engineering institutions or the one located close to their home. Choosing only the top colleges may not be the right way ahead if you don’t have high grades. On the other hand, you will not be considered even if the rank is good or seats are available in case you haven’t been given the option. You might have understood the intricacies of option with the previously mentioned statement.

Go through the previous years’ rank list and selection data to have an idea about it. Therefore, you can take steps cautiously understanding the scenario. Nonetheless, don’t consider the previous selection as the yardstick. It is intended only to give you a broad perspective about the selection.

Things To Remember In KEAM Option Registration Process

Before you are going for KEAM option registration, here are some things you should know about:-

    • There are as many as 31 branches in engineering. Employment opportunities are a matter of concern in this rapidly changing world. You must move with the time and choose a branch of engineering that can provide you with a rewarding career.
    • Analyse trial allotment to undertake necessary amendments.
    • The financial status of your parents is also an important factor. Highly-paid courses can cause you issues if your economic condition is not good.
    • Search about the leading engineering colleges, their result, faculty and infrastructure facilities. These factors have a significant role in transforming you into a capable engineer.
    • You can revise the options, as many times you want. Don’t hesitate to revise if you get firm advice from experts or education counsellors.
    • Read the codes to understand the coding system. The courses have a two-letter code and colleges have three-letter code.
    • Go to the online options selection portal of KEAM to enter your options and save. Nevertheless, discuss and decide about the options to choose in advance rather than thinking after logging into the portal.
    • You will find options in the portals. You only have to choose the college-course combination and enter your preference number 1,2, 3 and so on.
    • Your rank will be the basic aspect that decides your eligibility for choosing an option.
    • Even though you choose two engineering streams in the same college, it will be considered as two options. For example, consider you choosing Computer Science and Engineering (CS) and  Electronics and Communication (EC) in Govt. Engineering College, Idukki (IDK), will be considered as two options.
    • You can change the option by logging in and modifying the option numbers.
    • Take a print out of the options list after you complete the process. It will aid in ready reference in future.
    • Remember that you cannot change to a lower college if you are allotted a higher reputed college.
    • The allotment of options from your preferred choices will automatically remove the remaining options. To put it clearly, suppose you are allotted with the 19th option from the 90 options you gave. Allotment of the 19th option will remove the options from 20 to 90.
    • The fee for government seats and the seats in self-financing colleges are different. So are the options. Therefore, observe caution while opting.
    • It normally happens that many seats are vacant after the first allotment. Therefore, the students at the lower rank level can put higher options. The fee to be paid also will differ accordingly. The process will continue until all the seats are filled.
    • You can log in to the portal and choose the higher option after the first allotment. This will make sure that you are considered during the second allotment and so on. Else, you are losing out the chance for a higher option.

If you want to know about NEET allotment process, counselling and courses you can make use of this guide for NEET allotment.

You must go through the complete process meticulously to avoid any kind of errors. Remember that this is the turning point in your life. Any mistakes can be detrimental to your dream. For the right set of career in engineering or medical field join reputed entrance coaching centres in Kerala, like Alpha Entrance Academy.

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