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Last Minute Preparation Tips to Score High Marks in JEE Exam 2021

Deferment is a destructive habit. The act of putting off things can lead to improper preparation. Students preparing for JEE 2021 have very little time left for preparation.

We know that the majority of you have completed the preparation and are pursuing the second or third round of revision nowadays. This article can help you prepare better for the JEE. Above all, this post is intended for the slow starters who are confused about the last-minute preparation for JEE 2021.

“Better late than never.” It’s great to commence the preparation without wasting any moment if you haven’t yet.

Highlights of JEE Exam 2021

Before jumping into the subjects and topics, let’s look into the varying aspects of JEE 2021. Understanding the basic highlights of the test would be helpful in many ways.

  • The JEE exam consists of objective questions and would be conducted in online mode.
  • JEE exam Paper I will have Physics, Chemistry, and Maths, with 30 questions from each subject, making a total of 90 questions. Paper I duration is 03 hours
  • JEE Mains Paper II consists of 83 questions from General Aptitude, Drawing and Mathematics (50 from Aptitude, 30 from Mathematics and 03 from Drawing). Paper-II exam duration is also 03 hours
  • Exams would be held in English, Hindi, and Gujarati
  • Each right answer will get you 04 marks. 01 mark would be deducted for wrong answers

So, now you let’s look into the methods you can follow to score high marks in the JEE 2021.

Tips to Score High Marks in JEE 2021

Nothing can substitute hard work. You are ought to succeed if you spend each minute in the preparation, with the target locked in your mind. The steps you can follow are elaborated in this article.

Identify Important Topics

One month is not sufficient for studying all the portions for the JEE. Hence, it would be wiser to tabulate the important portions and study from those. You can consult a professional tuition center for guidance. Furthermore, the crash courses offered by reputed academies would be helpful in this case.  

You can also refer to chapter wise weightage for Chemistry, Biology and Physics.

Prepare Short Notes

Prepare short notes as you continue the preparation. It would be very useful when any doubts strike your mind and during revisions. The notes should consist of main points and important values to be remembered.

Do Revision

Undertake a speedy revision of the lessons. It would be better if you can go for more than one round of revision of all the important topics. The revision would help you cement the concept.

Understand the Concepts

Make sure that you grasp the basic idea or crux of the topics. Once you imbibe the basic essence, you can answer any question related to the topic. Guidance from experienced tutors will have significant importance in gaining a better insight on the topic.

Get personalized tutoring and concepts clearance sessions from expert tutors.



Practice Question Papers

Although there is very little time left, it is sufficient to practice at least a few question papers. It is essential to go through and attend to a minimum of two sets of questions. The practice would help you understand important questions, the area that requires improvement, the question pattern, and the types of questions.

Take Mock Test

Mock tests are an unavoidable aspect even if you don’t have much time left for the exam. It offers extensive benefits. You will be able to judge the time consumed, how many questions you were able to answer correctly, the right methodology to adopt and your speed in answering the question. Above all, the mock tests would boost your confidence in attending the real exam. Every JEE 2021 aspirant must undergo at least a couple of mock tests.

Away from Social Media Traps

Be away from social media for one month. Social media platforms are a trap. Once you start interacting with the posts, chats, and videos, it would be difficult to stop. Remember that you are losing study time by engaging in social media. It will not provide you anything constructive, other than a few minutes of enjoyment. You can become active on those platforms after the JEE 2021.

Keep a Fixed Schedule

Prepare a schedule and follow it properly. Never miss out on the schedule. Even if you are unable to study on a particular day, try to make it up on the next.

Your confidence will have a direct implication on the JEE 2021 results. Prepare wholeheartedly and appear for the exam confidently.  

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