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NEET 2020 – Exam Day Guidelines For Students

NEET exam which stands for National Eligibility cum Entrance Test is a medical entrance exam.  It is conducted for the medical aspirants who wish to get admitted to the top medical institutions of the country. Last year, the conduction of the NEET exam left a lot of aspirants upset with the rules and regulations. Many of the candidates were left disappointed because they were not acquainted with the rules and regulations.

This year’s exam will take place on the 3rd of May. If you are preparing for NEET 2020, it is recommended that you learn about the dress code barred items and other relevant information to avoid any hassle on the day of examination. 

Today in addition to training, every NEET Coaching Centers give importance to make their students aware of NEET exam day guidelines. Here are NEET 2020 exam day guidelines for your benefit so that you can write your exam without being a bundle of nerves-

NEET 2020 Rules and Regulations

  1. There is a prescribed dress code for the candidates that they should strictly follow. Failure to stick to the dress code can lead to disqualification from writing the entrance exam. 
  2. Authorities have prepared a list of barred items that are not to be carried inside the examination hall any under circumstances. If the candidates are found carrying any barred item, it may lead to their disqualification and they will be liable to strict against by the authorities.
  3. Candidates will be provided with the admit card. They are expected to carry the admit card to the exam centre. Without the admit card, they will not be granted access to the examination hall. NEET rules and regulates will be printed on the admit card. Aspirants are expected to be thorough with the rules and are advised against taking any action that may risk their eligibility to write exams. 
  4. The exam will be conducted in an offline mode. Students are requested to carry a pen with them for filling the answer sheet. Students will not be allowed to take back the question booklet at the end of the examination. Students will not be allowed to tear pages from the question booklet and carry them outside the examination hall.
  5. Students should not tamper with the objects that they will be allowed to carry to the examination hall. These objects include: admit card, pen, etc. Any tampering on the part of aspirant may subject them to disciplinary action.
  6. Aspirants upload their photos while filling the form. They are expected to paste the same photo on the admit card. Affixing different photo from the one that was originally uploaded by the candidate may lead to their disqualification. All the photos on the admit card, answer booklet and application form must be the same in appearance. 
  7. While entering or writing the exam, aspirants are expected to maintain the decorum of the class. Any misdemeanor or mischief on the part of the candidate might lead to his/her disqualification. 

neet exam day guidelines

There is a list of barred items in NEET that candidates should not carry inside the exam hall whatsoever. The list is mentioned as follows:-

  1. Students should not carry any ornaments, such as ring, nose-pin-earring, neckpiece, etc inside the hall.
  2. Students are not allowed to carry certain stationery items such as a calculator, pencil box, ruler, eraser, diary, log table, any electronic gadgets, etc.
  3.  In the past, many students have been punished for smuggling in communication devices. All the communication devices such as a microphone, smartphone, earphone, headphone, etc are barred to this day.
  4. Students should not carry digital watches, cameras, etc.
  5. Students will not be allowed to carry eatables, juices or water bottles inside the exam hall. 
  6. Other items such as a purse, school bag, hair bands, stoles, belts, etc will not be allowed inside the premises.

Students should consider the list of barred items and ensure that they do not end up carrying any one of them inside the exam hall. If the candidate is caught using unfair means inside the exam hall, he will be liable for stringent action by the authorities. His candidature will stand cancelled without any scope to plead for the second attempt.

Candidates are expected to dress according to the prescribed rules. The details about NEET exam dress code is as follows:-

  1. Candidates should wear clothes with half sleeves. They should not wear full sleeves as it is not permitted. 
  2. If any candidate has to wear any clothe due to customary or cultural purposes, they should report to the examination center an hour before the usual reporting time. 
  3. Candidates should not wear shoes. If they do, they will be not be given entry in the examination hall. They are permitted to wear slippers

There are some other guidelines that the candidates should be mindful of. These guidelines are as follows:-

  1. Candidates should try to reach the exam center before 1 PM.
  2. Candidates should carry the following to be allowed entry in the premises of the exam hall:
      • Admit card
      • Passport size photo
      • Valid identity proof
  1. Candidates should not carry any articles falling under the category of barred items. No special arrangement will be made by the authorities or no locker will be provided to the candidates for safekeeping of the articles. Hence, they should not carry such articles which are subject to being stolen or getting misplaced.
  2. Students are not required to carry the pen with them as they will be provided with it on the exam centre itself.
  3. Candidates are requested to go through the question booklet before attempting the answers. If any page is found missing, it is their responsibility to report the same to the concerned authority.
  4. Candidates will not be allowed to take breaks in the middle of the examination. No excuses to leave the premises will be entertained by the authorities. Candidates will be allowed to leave the exam hall only at the end of the exam duration.
  5. Candidates should submit their exam paper to the concerned authority before moving out of the exam hall.

Follow these guidelines, stick to them and you will be good to go on the day of examination.

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