NEET 2021: NEET Mark vs Rank: Calculate your NEET rank

NEET exams are the entry point to a prosperous life. The exams to prominent medical and dental institutions around the country have been a stress-inducing factor for both students and parents. Those who succeed in achieving top ranks can opt for the professional college of their choice. Probabilities of rank would directly depend on the mark one scores.

Are you aware of how tight the NEET entrance exam is? How many marks does one need to reach the top 100? Are you preparing accordingly?

Several questions!

The questions are heavy enough to raise the temperature and pressure in your brain.  Not to worry about the ranks when you have the support of experienced professional tutors. Meticulous preparation under their guidance can smoothen the way ahead. It is not hard to crack any nut when perseverance meets hard work.  

NEET 2021 Marks v/s Rank Analysis –Facts

The NEET 2021 rank would depend directly on the mark scored by the candidate. The ranking may vary depending on different conditions.

  • A tough question paper can bring down the scores
  • Ranking would depend on the total number of students who appeared for the exam as well
  • The number of candidates with high scores have been showing an increasing trend, consequently making the competition tougher than before
  • Age would be a determining factor if two aspirants score the same mark, i.e. the older student will get priority over the younger one

These all facts point to a simple and direct thing; the candidate must approach NEET 2021 seriously. A diligent effort from the student and proper guidance from the tutor would turn decisive.

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NEET 2021 Marks v/s Rank Analysis –Figures

Let’s see the statistics of the previous years. And try to analyze how the students have been performing.

NEET 2020 witnessed a quantum leap in the marks of the top rank holders. Two students scored a perfect 720. How insane, right!? Think of the dedication they might have put up, to register such a historical score.

The first ranks in 2019, 2018, and 2017 scored 701, 691, and 697 respectively.

Qualifying marks for General candidate in NEET 2021 is stipulated to be 50th percentile. Whilst the same for SC/ST/OBC is 40th percentile and for the specially-abled general candidate, it is 45the percentile.

The NEET 2020 cut-off for the general candidates was 147 out of 720 whereas in 2019 it was 134.

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Top 40 Ranks v/s Marks in Previous Year [2020] 

Every student must aim to reach the top 10. As it is said, “shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you will land among the stars.” The aspirants must devote maximum time with only one vision in mind, cracking NEET. A perfect balance of study hours, time for rest, and a schedule for physical activities including yoga must be prepared. One must follow the timetable properly. Never allow the attitude of procrastination to take the reign of thoughts.

The top 40 ranks and their marks in NEET 2020 are:

All India Rank Marks (in 720)
1 720
2 720
3 715 (the rank was decided upon the DOB, as there were 04 candidates of the same mark)
4 715
5 715
6 715
7 711
8 710
9 710
10 710
25 705
30 705
40 705


Ideally, a score above 700 can get a general candidate to elite medical institutions in the country.

NEET 2021 Cutoff Marks

Refer to this table for finding NEET 2021 cutoff 

Category Cut Off Percentile Cut Off Scores
General 50th 720-147
General-PH 45th 146-129
SC/ST/OBC 40th 146-113
SC/ST/OBC-PH 40th 128-113

NEET Marks v/s Rank– Preview of Ranking in NEET 2020

A general picture of the mark and rank in NEET 2020 is given below. It would provide a basic idea concerning the ranking structure.

Students at ranks 1-10 had scored 700+ marks in NEET 2020

Ranks from 1000 to 2000 had scored 650+ marks. Just imagine how tight the competition turns out to be!

Those scored marks above 600 were placed in ranks 5000 to 10000

Mark above 550 could secure ranks from 15000-20000

Each mark counts in NEET. The scenario has been the same every year. Aspirants lost a seat in renowned professional institutions for one mark.

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1. Is 400 a good NEET score?
Yes, 400 is considered a good score in NEET. But if you are aiming to get admission to top colleges you have to improve the score.
2. Can I get MBBS admission with a 520 NEET score?
Sure, but NEET ranking and admissions process have various criteria. For the unreserved category, students have to get min 520 to 650 marks.
3. Can I crack NEET with 1 month?
You can crack NEET in 1 month. If you have the right strategies, cover topics, do the mock tests with extreme dedication it’s indeed possible. You can easily join our crash course for the best preparation.

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