Top 5 Tips from IIT JEE Top Rankers

IIT JEE is a highly competitive exam that is attempted by thousands of students every year. The stiffness of competition and the increase in number of students has made it extremely difficult to get a seat in IIT. Good preparation is a necessity for the preparation of the IIT JEE. If you are someone who is looking forward to cracking the IIT JEE exam, then you have come to the right place. Here in this article, we are trying to imbibe some of the tips that have been tried and tested by the students who were toppers in their attempt to crack IIT JEE. 

Let us now look at some of the tips from IIT JEE top rankers:

1. Schedule a Time Study

An IIT JEE preparation without definite planning will definitely lead to failure. Customizing a proper schedule for the IIT JEE is a necessity to score well. For IIT JEE, it can be impossible to score good marks with preparation that lasts only for a fortnight. The first step to effective preparation for the IIT JEE will be to plan a study schedule that matches your ability to learn. You should be systematic and compassionate in your approach. The plan of study should include a detailed understanding of the topics, timings, mock test repetitions, the date of revision, etc. It will be unwise to follow a study schedule prepared by someone else because their level of grasping and understanding might be different from your ability to study and learn. Also, make a schedule that will help you achieve your target.

A superficial study plan without any understanding of your learning capacity can result in failure or non-completion of the ascertained tasks, which will kick in anxiety and panic. Enough time should also be provided for revisions and attempting past papers with timed sessions. If you are not able to fix a schedule all by yourself, then feel free to ask your school faculty or your coaching faculty for help. You have to also keep in mind that when preparing the study schedule, set aside some “me” time, as it will help you revive your energy for a long day of study. 

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2. Avoid Distractions

The distractions these days have changed from television to social media apps. Most of the young generation are addicted to social media applications. It is necessary to keep your phone and such other devices away, which can possibly create a channel for distraction. It will be fitting to get off of every social media site so that you can study peacefully without the need to peep into your phone as and when it buzzes. This will directly help improve your concentration, as will following your study schedule with 100% dedication.

3. Mock Tests

Attending mock tests is important to get a high score in your IIT JEE. As the proverb says, “Practice makes the man perfect.” Attempting an umpteen number of mock tests will not just give you practice but also have a direct hand in increasing your confidence as well as curbing your fear. Mock tests are similar to those for the IIT JEE concerning the pattern, scoring system, etc. Timed tests will also give you an exam-like environment, which can help in maintaining composure and your senses during the real examination. These exams also help you with a self-analysis of how you are performing and the areas that need improvement. The difficulty level of questions and the important topics for the exam can also be assessed by writing mock exams.

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4. Quality is more important than quantity

Your ideal preparation standards will never revolve around how much time is invested every day while preparing for your exams. Instead, it will directly correlate with the effectiveness of your preparation. IIT JEE is a multiple-choice exam, but it is also said that it requires an inherent conceptual understanding of every subject (physics, chemistry, and mathematics). Foundational understanding of the subjects and how well you know your NCERT textbooks play a much more important role than the hours invested in preparation. The time you have dedicated to IIT JEE preparation should pan out efficiently, where all subjects are given equal attention. Difficult subjects have to be analyzed, and if required, take outside help from online entrance coaching for JEE in Kerala.

5. Proper Sleep and Rest

There are students who forgot their sleep and rest to prepare for the IIT JEE. This is never a good practice and will result in fatigue and memory loss. A good and fresh mind are the two important factors for studying with concentration. A bad diet and lack of sleep will never help you prepare properly. Therefore, make sure you eat nutritious food and eat it regularly and on time. Good food can give you the energy and vigor to study. Sleeping for at least 7-8 hours a day is a mandate. Well-rested mind will be prepared productively for the study hours. The after-effects of not following this primarily revolve around falling sick just before the scheduled exam date.

Following these tips suggested by the top rankers of previous IIT JEE exams will help you find a structured schedule and understand the importance of these factors in preparation. These practices, along with a fool-proof preparation, will definitely help you score well on the IIT JEE. Getting into good crash courses offered by IIT JEE entrance coaching in Kerala can help with better time utilization and, thereby, better marks.

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