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Tips to be Consistent in IIT-JEE Preparation

When it comes to the preparation of the national level entrance exams, it is not the speed of preparation, but the consistency that brings results. This becomes even more important when you have to start preparing for the exam well in advance. For example, many students start preparing for the IIT JEE exam right from Class XI.

When you start preparing for the exam this early, you tend to lose focus and might also get lazy. You might think that because you have a lot of time, you can always start preparing seriously in a few months or from the next year. 

But, this can not only put you behind the competition but also affects your final results. Hence, it is important to be consistent in your exam preparation right from the start.

Below, we share some tips for all the students to keep their preparation for the IIT JEE exam consistent and on track at all times.

#1 – Always Focus

  • Your preparation should always be focused on the small milestones and there should be NO haphazard preparation. You should not choose the topics as per your interests and capabilities, because the exam will have questions from all the sections, including the ones that you don’t like or understand.
  •  Always cover each unit chapter-by-chapter and then take the tests or solve the questions to test your understanding of the topic.

#2 – Don’t go wayward

  • Coming next in the preparation tips is the fact that you should not go wayward in preparation.
  • The exam syllabus will be released and always prepare to keep the syllabus in mind. Or else your efforts will be wasted.
  • Further, most of the students have this tendency of over-practising the topic that they find interesting and avoiding the hard topics. This harms their preparation and might even land them with only a few topics covered by the exam time.

#3 – Keep a Record

  • Whenever you are preparing, keep a written record of the topics you have prepared and would not require any revision before the exam.
  • As you advance in your preparation, your record will expand and you will have a morale boost.
  • Keeping such a list also offers you a complete vision of the topics that you covered way back and might need revision regularly.

#4 – Keep a Timeline

  • Keeping a timetable and sticking to it no matter what is one of the best preparation tips which will confirm your success at giving your best in exams.
  • You can also practice your time management skills by sitting in the online mock tests that come with a clock and are available for different chapters as well.

#5 – Enhance your problem-solving skills

  • As IIT JEE is a national level exam, the competition is going to be daunting and you have to make sure that you don’t falter just because of your slow calculation speed.
  • Keep your problem-solving skills and calculation speed sharp by solving problems on a regular basis.

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#6 – Practice Makes a Man Perfect

  • You can’t expect to solve all problems on basic concepts by just cramming the formulas. You need to solve the problems on them.
  • And solving problems of JEE exams should be continuous and rigorous.
  • Further, even if some questions come from direct concepts, they are rarely simple. There might be more than one option that looks like a probable answer. So, your best bet is to solve all types of conceptual questions as well.

#7 – Don’t lose pace

  • Some students start aggressively and tend to lose pace as the days pass. This will only lead to pressure and tension mounting.
  • Maintain a pace throughout the preparation. Make it a habit to solve textbook questions and reference book questions daily. You can keep the weekends for solving practice papers, previous year papers and taking mock tests. This way,  you can cover topics from each subject on a weekly basis.

#8 – Keep yourself fresh

  • Take good rest, eat healthily, listen to some music or take a walk for relaxing.
  • Avoid getting too much social media exposure or getting involved with influencers or communication groups. They distract you, sometimes even more than you realize.
  • Don’t sit for study while you are in a bad or tense mood or you are feeling tired.

We hope that the preparation tips shared here help all the IIT JEE aspirants to stay on the right track as far as their preparation is concerned. For more expert guidance, and for more suggestions, please leave your questions in the comments section below!

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