Tips to Improve Time Management in IIT JEE Preparation


Engineering is unquestionably one of the most popular career paths. Almost every high school student wishes to attend IIT, India’s top engineering college, to have a bright future. With IIT being India’s top engineering college, there is stiff competition in the world of IIT JEE. Every aspirant hopes to pass the exam on the first try, which is not an impossible feat. It can be a source of pride for both the students and their parents.

Students face several challenges while preparing for the IIT JEE while also attending school or college. Engineering students frequently find it difficult to balance their classwork and JEE preparation. These aspirants frequently complain about not having enough time for board and JEE preparation. They need to learn time management to improve their preparations. Time management is critical for IIT JEE Exam preparation and scoring well in the exam. It assists you in managing your time for the study of all three subjects, as well as your study, break, and revision.

A good time management strategy can help you ace both your high school/college exams and the IIT JEE. So here are some tips to improve time management in  your IIT JEE Preparation

Start Early

Students make the error of starting their preparations too late. They waste valuable time in this manner. Make the most of your time by beginning your chapters before they are taught in your school or college. If you begin early, you will have more time later to catch your breath and revise. This is the first tip that every student who is serious about passing the IIT JEE should follow.

Never skip your homework

Homework is an important part of your IIT JEE preparation because it will teach you how to solve problems, feel at ease with current trends, and sharpen your mind. The more you use your brain, the more it improves.

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Dividing the time

Another factor to consider when creating a daily schedule for IIT JEE aspirants is the proper distribution of time. Divide your time wisely once you’ve determined your caliber and how much time you’ll need to prepare for IIT JEE.

Make sure that each subject has enough time on the schedule. We recommend that you devote 2-3 hours per day to each subject. Again, make this decision based on your strong and weak subjects and topics.

Make time for practice

Students must concentrate on all three JEE Main subjects, namely Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. All students should review the previous year’s question papers to get a sense of the pattern and type of questions asked in the JEE Main exam. JEE Main exam toppers always go over previous year’s JEE Main question papers and consider them an important part of the study material.

Take the mock test because it will show you how well you prepared and what areas need to be improved. To improve one’s proficiency and speed, one should take more and more mock tests. While revising for the exam, making notes on all of the important topics would be beneficial. Important concepts, formulae, and previous year’s JEE Main important questions should be included in the notes. Instead of wasting time going through the subject topic-by-topic on the final days of exams, one can go through the notes and thoroughly revise their subjects.

Do proper revision

The more you practice, the better your memory will be. The revision will assist you in remembering important facts and formulas, which will ultimately improve your problem-solving abilities and accuracy. Never let your doubts go unanswered. Clear your doubts and questions with your teachers, friends, or other people who can assist you. 

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Go through notes whenever you have time

Whether you’re preparing for your CBSE boards or JEE entrance exams, taking good notes will always come in handy. Because writing things down causes your mind to automatically memorise them, you will soon have all of the important concepts at your fingertips. Instead of just taking notes, revise them every two weeks. This will assist you in better memorizing and understanding things, and you will remember them for a long time. You won’t be in a rush to revise during the final month before your exam.

Always have a sound sleep

Getting enough sleep is the healthiest and most important way to avoid stress. Make sure to get 7 hours of sleep per day and never try to sleepwalk.

One last thing to remember is to keep your PCM reference materials covered while revising. Reference materials can be purchased before the NCERT books, but they make more sense after they have been completed. Don’t skip this step because you’ll be working on advanced problems and questions from these reference books.

These are a few tips to improve time management in your IIT JEE Preparation. Time management does not imply getting up early and making the most of every minute of your day. All you have to do is be consistent in your efforts to avoid the last-minute panic attacks that many aspirants experience.

 If you have any trouble with your time management, join a JEE coaching center for your preparation.  Alpha Entrance Academy, provides the best engineering entrance exam coaching classes in Kerala, where students can get individual attention, doubt clearance, timely completion of syllabus, proper revision, and regular mock tests. You can pass any entrance exam other than IIT JEE if you are organized and persistent in your regular studies. 

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