10 Tips to Master Chemistry for IIT JEE

If you are planning to prepare for the IIT JEE or are already set to crack the IIT JEE, chemistry is an important subject to crack in order to score great marks in the IIT JEE. Chemistry can be a little intimidating to learn and contemplate, but here are some tips that will help you get that high score for the IIT JEE.

Let us look into some of the tips to mastering chemistry for the IIT JEE:

1. Get your NCERT

NCERT should be given the first preference when it comes to preparing for the IIT JEE. The foundational learning of the subject and its concepts can only be attained through effective learning and understanding the NCERT. Studying the minute details that are mentioned in the NCERT chemistry textbooks can help score great marks in the IIT JEE.

  • Going through the past year’s question papers along with the NCERT study material will help you get an understanding on the formulation of the questions.
  • Make sure not to skip even one line of the NCERT textbook because the exam can have direct questions from the NCERT material.
  • Prepare handwritten notes while reading the NCERT material, as it can help in the last-minute revision before the exams.
  • Solve every NCERT exercise question at the end of each chapter.

2. Focus on the whole subject

Chemistry has to be studied as one whole subject where all three parts are inclusive; organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, and physical chemistry. As these parts are interconnected, ignoring just one part can cost you marks on the final exam. Make sure you streamline a proper flow of study—say, starting with physical chemistry and gradually moving to organic and inorganic chemistry. Having a stronghold on each of these fortes is recommended to get good scores in the IIT JEE.

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3. Periodic Table 

The periodic table forms an inherent part of chemistry. Memorizing the table can be quite helpful while dealing with MCQ questions in the IIT JEE. Get a readymade poster or a handwritten poster and paste it in your study space so that you can give it a look every now and then.

4. Understand Reaction Mechanisms

Most of the students who are preparing for the IIT JEE make the mistake of learning by heart or memorizing the reactions of organic and inorganic chemistry. It can be considered one of the worst practices. It will be fitting to understand the reactions and the causes behind them, which will help you in answering the questions related to the same.

5. Memorizing the formulae

Memorizing the formulae can be quite a task. But solving related problems thoroughly will help you memorize the formulas without actually having to do it knowingly. The formulas relate to the topics of chemical bonding, equilibrium, kinetics, and radioactivity.

6. Read and use the recommended guides

Once you have finished the foundational learning from the NCERT textbooks, you have to start studying and doing problems out of some of the main recommended guide books or materials. Making yourself familiar with different kinds of problems will help you gain better confidence in attending the exam. The names of the guides can be obtained from your teaching faculty or students who previously took the exam and scored well. Make sure you do the research and get the books before you start your preparations so that you don’t fall back on your timed schedule. JEE coaching centers in Kerala can help you with good study materials for preparing for the IIT JEE.

7. Maintaining a routine

Having a defined schedule and timetable can solve most of the problems while preparing for the IIT JEE. Chemistry is mostly considered easy, and very little attention is paid to the same. But, as easy as it seems to be, the chances of making mistakes are high if there is no adequate preparation and planning. So, a proper routine has to be maintained and followed throughout the preparation of the IIT JEE.

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8. Give extra attention 

The syllabus is a mix of easy and difficult areas. Skimming through either of the portions is not recommended while preparing for such a competitive exam. Most of the questions that come from p and s-block elements are easy, but questions from coordination compounds and d-block elements can be quite tricky. It will be ideal to pay attention to the tricky ones.

9. Health is wealth

Students are so into preparation that they seldom take care of their health, which leads to falling sick right before the exam. So, it is essential to keep in mind to take care of one’s physical and mental health along with the study schedule. Taking good sleep hours and eating on time will have commendable effects on the memorizing power and retaining the energy for longer hours. It will also help to stay away from energy drinks and junk foods for a while.

 10. Speed and Accuracy

These two prime factors play an important role while you are at your exam and have the power to make or break the situation. While giving practice and mock test papers, make sure you take timed examinations so that you train yourself to face the time restrictions beforehand. Taking the help of online coaching for JEE can help you with tips and tricks for solving reaction mechanisms.

Following these tips will help you streamline your study preparation and, along with a good grasp on the subject, can push you to reach your dream IIT JEE score.

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