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10 Tips To Revise IIT JEE Syllabus 2020 Quickly

IIT JEE exam is just around the corner. Students need to increase their pace if they want to ace this exam. But most of the times student don’t know where to begin from. If you are on such a student, read this article. Here you will learn how to revise IIT JEE Syllabus 2020 quickly.

10 Tips for a Quick Revision for IIT JEE

  • Start with the revision as soon as possible. Do not postpone it until a week before exams. The earlier you begin with the revision, the better position you will be in. Draw a timetable if you find it helpful. Divide the subjects accordingly so that each subject gets equal attention from you.
  • Notes can be your savior during the quick revision. If you had prepared them well, they can help you in clearing your concepts at the last moment. If you have not already prepared the notes, it’s time you start making them. Making short notes so that you can refer to them even one day before the final exam. After all, nothing can capture the essence of the chapter better than notes prepared by you.
  • Sometimes, students spend a lot of time decorating their notes or highlighting the keywords unnecessarily. This is a sheer waste of time. Instead of doing this, you should concentrate on making your notes informative and descriptive. If you come across a diagram, you should include a detailed description of the same.
  • It can be difficult to remember all the formulas, equations related to the subject especially when it comes to Maths and Chemistry. What do you do then? You can draw up a chart and write all the important formulas on them. Stick this chart on the wall of your study table. Go through this chart after every 6 hours. The more you get yourself familiar with these formulas, the quicker you will remember them during the exam.
  • Not every person can have concentrate for very long. You need to take short breaks in between to concentrate on the subject. So, do not plan to complete the entire chapter or topic in one go. Study for forty-five minutes at a stretch and then take a short break. You can also set an alarm that will serve as a reminder. Keep yourself hydrated during study sessions. Whenever it’s your break time, drink a glass of water and just stretch yourself. If you sit down to study for two hours or more at a stretch, you are bound to lose your concentrate way before time.
  • How do you know whether you have understood a concept well or not? Simply by testing yourself. If you feel unsure about a topic or concept that you have revised, it will be best to take a quiz. The scores will help you in assessing your position. If your score is below average you will know where you are lacking. Also, do not just go for any random quiz that you find online. Most of the time they put up wrong answers and can be a huge time waste. Find a reliable source and then only go for the quiz.
  • Make flashcards for the important topics. A student can’t carry around all the books on different subjects wherever they are going. Also, it will be foolish. So, how can you save time? By making flashcards for the important chapters and concepts that require constant revision. You can carry these flashcards anywhere with yourself. You can utilize a lot of your free time by going through these flashcards whenever you get a chance. You can also ask your friends to prepare flashcards for different topics and you can exchange them when in school or coaching.
  • IIT JEE is not only about learning formulas and mugging up equations. It’s more about applications of these formulas in listed problems. If you fail to apply these formulas correctly, you will lag in this competition. To avoid this scenario, you should not only focus on brushing your concepts but also solve problems.
  • When it comes to solving problems, there’s nothing better than past years IIT Jee papers. No other means will be more effective than past years papers if you want to assess your performance. When you sit down to solve papers, write them as you would do on the final day. This will help you in preparing for the final day. You will also feel less nervous because till then you would have adapted well to the situation. It would be nothing new for you.
  • Analyze your performance. Taking numerous tests will be ineffective if you don’t analyze your strengths and weaknesses. One month before the exam your focus should be on building the right strategy to ace the exam and not to be worried about your weaknesses. If you spend 2 hours on a test, spend 3 hours analyzing your mistakes. Mistakes can cost you a lot of points in the final exam. So, know your enemies!

These are some of the tips that you should be aware of if wondering how to revise for IIT JEE syllabus 2020 quickly. You can also reach out to Alpha Entrance Academy, one of the most preferred JEE coaching centres in Alappuzha. Alpha Academy has its crash course designed for students preparing for IIT JEE and other entrance exams. 


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