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Top 5 Tips From NEET Top Rankers

Are you preparing for one of the most competitive and the most popular medical entrance exams in India – NEET? 

Are you looking for some fool-proof guidance or tips for a sure-shot successful attempt and that too from someone that has topped the exam?

Well, if your answer is yes, then you have reached the right page. Find out answers to all the questions looming inside your head regarding the NEET exam. This discussion also features tips from NEET toppers that will help you form a solid strategy to prepare for the exam with a clear goal in your mind. 

So, let us get started with some FAQs.

How do the NEET toppers prepare for the exam?

Well, the entire process remains the same – study, remember, practice, and more practice!

However, the toppers focus on qualitative study instead of merely focusing on mugging-up the things. All of us know that the concepts are important, but this doesn’t mean that you get stuck to them. Application-based and analysis-based questions comprise the major part of entrance exams. So, your studies and practice should focus on both of them. 

How many hours do you need to study daily to crack the NEET Exam?

There is no fixed limit for the same. Some students are able to grasp more in a small amount of time, while some require more time to grasp the same concept. So, the number of hours varies from person to person. Hence, instead of focusing on the number of hours, you must focus on the quality of the study sessions. You should study as much as your mind and body allow.

How many reference books should I cover to prepare like a topper?

It is a misconception that the toppers solve lots of reference books and preparation materials in order to prepare for the exam. You can choose any of the one or two reputed publishers and stick with them. Side-by-side, you should solve the previous year question papers and sample papers to analyse the level of your exam preparation. This is one of the best tips for the NEET exam that you must follow.

Now that we have covered the basic FAQs let us move on and take a quick look at some tips from NEET toppers. 

1. Practice Daily.

Neet exam prepartion tips

Learn new things daily and solve the questions based on them mandatorily. Only learning and mugging-up facts is not going to help you find out your preparation levels. You have to solve questions (easy to medium to difficult) daily to actually find out whether you have understood the concept or chapter or not. Further, do a weekly and monthly revision of the chapters you have covered. This way, you can brush-up the concepts without letting the time lag build-up.

2. Focus on the exam.

We all know that it is important to know the answer to the following formula – (a+b)2. But, this doesn’t mean that your exam will only have questions based on this. This means that you have to focus on the level of the exam so as to crack it. Preparing for NEET requires a firm grasp over the basics and an immersive understanding of all their applications. So, focus on the exam you are going to take, study the topics that are asked in it frequently, solve the questions that match its level, and keep on brushing-up your skills for targeted preparation.

3. Always Solve Previous Year Question Papers.

Nothing can offer you an overall idea about the NEET exam, other than the exam itself. So, always solve the previous year question papers so as to have a better understanding of the exam and its level. This way, you will also be able to test whether your preparation is up to the mark or not.

Neet exam tips

4. Surround yourself with the right things.

Decorate your room with plain chart papers for each subject and write facts, names, solutions, and tricks on them as you advance in your course. Keep on revising them daily, and don’t forget to add content to them daily. The best way to revise them is to do it the first thing in the morning and the last thing before you go to sleep. This way, once you reach the date of the exam, you will have a huge guide ready in front of your eyes that will also give you confidence regarding your exam.

5. Relaxation and Rejuvenation are also important.

While studying is as important as ever, you must relax and rejuvenate your mind and senses every day. Go for a jog or run, do some light exercises and meditate so that your mind can get recharged for studies. Always remember, preparing for a big target over a long period of time is successful only if you give it your best hit!


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