Best Ways to Improve Logical Skills and Brain Grasp During JEE Preparation

IIT JEE preparation is a very meticulous one. There are lakhs and lakhs of aspirants around the world who strive hard to get into the coveted and prestigious IITs all over India. More than hard work, it is the smart work of studying and consistency in preparation that will help a student to achieve in getting into an IIT. There are many ways which can be used to improve the concentration power and better memory skills which are both essential for the smart elevation of work results. Focus and determination are the needed factors along with them it will be ideal to have some tips up your sleeve to score great and accomplish your dream of being part of IIT.

Let us see some tips that will help you improve your grasping and logical skills:

Tips to Improve Logical Skills and Brain Grasp During JEE Preparation

1. Clarity

Understanding the topics and concepts effectively will bring better clarity on the subject. IIT JEE is not a school exam which tries and tests your knowledge in one dimension. The amount of competition that pours in year by year makes IIT JEE questions to be more conceptually oriented. This means you need a better understanding of how something works and its theory so that you can without confusion use it on a problem to derive the answer. If you are lacking foundational knowledge, then it’s fitting to ask your coach and teachers for help.

2. Understanding the question

It is very important to understand the question by reading it twice or three times before answering it. It is very common for students to think the question is easy before even understanding exactly what it is demanding. Making a reread of the question will help you determine better whether the question is difficult or easy. The chances of straight-forward questions are quite low as they might test two or more interrelated concepts in one question, so make sure that you understand what is being asked.

3. Changing perspectives’

It is necessary to think in different ways while attempting to answer the question in IIT-JEE. Sometimes students complain that they do not understand and are unable to solve the problem no matter how hard they try. Sometimes it can come off in such a way that the question demands something entirely different than what you are pursuing. So, you will require a change of perspective in order to see what exactly the question is asking you. It will be good to leave the question and come back with a fresh change of perspective and then attempt it.

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4. Simplifying the question

Sometimes you might come across questions that are longer than the others, and you might skip them, thinking that they are difficult. This may not always be the case for long questions that are extremely difficult to solve. So, to answer such questions, it will be good to read them thoroughly, divide them into bits, see what each part is questioning, and combine them together to answer the question. These are sometimes done to check the analytical abilities of the students who are attempting the IIT JEE.

5. Keeping track of time

Understanding the time limitation is indeed a key element to attempting the exam in its entirety. Without keeping track of time, you might end up with no plan at all for solving the questions and end up leaving them unanswered. Make sure you do not spend time trying to solve one question. You can time yourself and add in a timer on your watch so you don’t spend too much time, and it will also help you solve the question paper in a limited time. To get the speed, it will be helpful to practice with a timed question paper before the exam date.

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6. Using visualization

Getting a pictorial representation of the question is one of the most common ways to get a deeper understanding of it. Diagrams can bring much more information to your attention, improve your analytical skills, and help you advance your grasping power.

7. Practicing every day

To crack the IIT JEE with a high score, you must practice the questions regularly. Going through previous question papers and mock tests before attempting the exam will help you gain that time and speed advantage to solve questions. Solving questions has to be a regular part of your IIT JEE preparation strategy.

8. Ask for help

Prioritize your learning, and do not feel ashamed to voice your doubts and confusions. IIT JEE demands students have complex analytical skills, put those skills into practice, and solve questions during the exam. Mugging up concepts without a proper understanding will not help you score higher marks for your IIT JEE. So, to learn the basics of conceptual understanding, make sure you get help from your entrance coaching centers or your school subject teachers.

9. Puzzles

Logical thinking helps you to derive conclusions based on the laid out facts. Helping yourself with a good set of puzzles can help you excite the idle brain cells and improve and instigate better logical skills. Solving puzzles is a kind of mental workout where both the brain hemispheres work together to finish it off. It is productive to give yourself puzzle breaks while preparing for the IIT JEE.

10. Meditate

Meditating brings in focus and also helps revive energy that you have consumed during your study hours. It helps your mind and brain be more active and prepares them to take in more information, or it relaxes your nerves for the day. It releases good hormones, thus enhancing better concentration, and helps your thinking be clear and stable.

11. Eat well

Most students are seen skipping their meals and shifting their food habits in unacceptable ways. Not eating well can cause immense fatigue and can also result in the brain stopping to process information that you are trying to feed it. You also have to make sure that you have nutritious and well-balanced meals rather than fast food and junk food from outside.

Preparing for IIT JEE can be quite a tedious task, but if you try to incorporate all the right ideas for preparation, it can actually make it bearable and help you score good marks and crack to get into your dream college. Following the above mentioned tips religiously will help you accomplish your goal.

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