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The team of professionals at Alpha Entrance Academy brainstormed for a way out to help the students. We could conclude that online entrance coaching would be the most suitable way to educate, train and guide students for appearing in forthcoming entrance exams. It can help him and her in getting combat-ready for the engineering and medical entrance examinations.

The online entrance coaching in Alappuzha, Kerala devised by Alpha has all the advantages as in any classroom. In effect, online coaching is more advantageous to the student. As it has a flexible schedule, numerous question papers to solve and additional mentoring by our expert teachers. The frequent examinations and discussions based on the solved question papers would put the student into the right frequency.

Online Entrance Coaching Curriculum

The online entrance coaching curriculum has been prepared to ensure the best result from each of the students. Of course, we understand that some of the students would like to have a classroom-like atmosphere for them to study. To overcome this issue, we have prepared the most interactive curriculum. That will ensure more preparations, practice tests, and doubts clearing sessions. The student will be ready for the examination anytime required.

Alpha academy conducts face to face interactive online live classes. So that students can clear their doubts during the class hours itself. Besides, there is extra time allocated for clarifying all the doubts.

Our online entrance coaching institute in Kerala is unmatchable in various aspects. It has been prepared comprehensively after considering even the minutest issue. That a student can encounter during the course and on attending the final entrance exam. Online Medical entrance coaching / Online engineering entrance coaching by Alpha Entrance Academy, Alappuzha follows a multi-faceted curriculum that is aimed at improving the confidence too.

Online Medical and Engineering Entrance Coaching

The practice of question papers alone cannot ensure success in Medical and Engineering entrance exams. The confidence, positive attitude and exam strategy are the other three important factors that can affect the performance of a student. Alpha academy’s online  Medical and Engineering entrance coaching classes in Alappuzha are prepared in such was that it instills all the positive aspects of the student. And help him or her in appearing the exam in a more productive manner. The three aforesaid characteristics are elaborated below.

Confidence  – The students are expected to attend the medical and engineering entrance exams with self-confidence. As it is said, “a strong mind can move mountains”, a student attending the entrance exam with confidence can turn the things in his or her favor.

Positive Attitude – Attitude matters a lot. It is when one attends the exam with a positive attitude that he or she can perform wonders. The attitude can make drastic changes to the results.

Exam Strategy – The time is less and questions are more. Our online coaching is also aimed at training students at strategizing the way he or she attends the questions. Exam strategy plays an important role in deciding how many questions the student attends correctly. 

Features – We have added features viz. Online test papers, unit-wise and full topic mock test series, Exercise questions, saved videos for future reference and revision, etc. which are aimed at turning the students more productive, improving the speed and accuracy.


Alpha Entrance Academy’s online Entrance Coaching

Alpha Entrance Academy’s online entrance coaching classes are the best choice for students preparing for entrance exams. We are pledged to deliver the students with excellent coaching and the right kind of career guidance. The honesty with which we perform our duties is the reason for us remaining the most preferred entrance coaching center for the past 20 years.

Join Alpha Entrance Academy for online entrance coaching for NEET/JEE in Alappuzha, Kerala. Let us help you in opening the gate to success and a prosperous future.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ  

What are the requirements for joining an online entrance coaching class?

You are all set if you have an internet connection. You can use your mobile phone, PC, Laptop or Tablet for attending the class and practice tests.  

Can a technical issue affect the online class?

In rare cases, it can. You only need to ensure that you have a valid internet package with sufficient data available. In case the classes are obstructed due to any foreseen reasons, we will take the necessary actions to repeat the class at the earliest.

What if I am unable to follow the classes? 

The teachers at Alpha Entrance Academy strive to ensure that each student is brought to the required standard. The onus is on us to ensure that you are able to follow the class. 

Can I reschedule the class, if I miss one?

Of course, the classes are flexible. We can discuss and schedule the class at an earlier convenient date.

 When can I join the online entrance coaching class?

The earlier the better. We already have students attending the online entrance coaching classes. Contact us today to know more about the class and join.

What are the additional features of the online entrance coaching class?

The additional features include, but not limited to, online test papers, live feedback, constant counseling to improve confidence, classes on exam strategy, exam tips,  unit-wise and full topic mock test series, exercise questions, saved videos for future reference and revision, etc.  

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