A Guide to the Benefits of Solving NEET Previous Year Question Papers

Understanding the syllabus and the format of the exam is the first and most important step to consider when attempting a competitive exam. And the best way to do that is to have a good analysis of the previous year’s question papers and, along with them, the solutions or answer keys. There are many benefits of solving NEET previous year question papers, and it can help streamline your preparation in a much better way. NEET, is a highly competitive exam and is attempted by lakhs of medical aspirants in and outside India. This calls for very meticulous preparation, and being articulate is the only way to find your way to the best medical colleges. Those who want to score big naturally work smart as well as hard. 

This blog acts as a guide to let you comprehend the benefits of solving NEET previous year question papers and help you score the best in your NEET exams.

Benefits of Solving NEET Previous Year Question Papers 


1.  Get Acquainted with the Pattern

The first step to scoring high is being able to get yourself acquainted with the question papers and its format. This will help you plan your study schedule and timetable accordingly. Previous question papers help you understand the marking system and the important chapters according to the weightage of marks. The repetition of questions help you understand which chapters are of much importance and the ones that are not. Distributing time accordingly will help you score well in your NEET.

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2. Time Management

It is not a good idea to understand the time distribution and how to critically manage the paper right on the day of exam. It can be overwhelming, and if you don’t understand the time constraints, you might not finish your paper and end up losing more marks on questions in which you are an expert. Get as many previous year question papers as you can and start doing timed tests which will help you understand how to manage time effectively during the exam. Over the course, you will learn to spend less time on each question and move across the sections seamlessly.

3. Boosts Speed and Accuracy

Speed in solving questions is a very necessary skill when it comes to the NEET exam. Better the speed, the better chances of scoring high. As it is a timed exam and an MCQ exam, you have to be well-prepared to solve questions of all sorts in a limited time frame. The speed of solving and training the brain for the same will only be possible if you have mastered it during your study sessions, and this can be done only by solving question papers. 

4. Identify Flaws

When you start previous year question papers, you start gaining better tract over the topics. This will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses and make you more prepared. When the weaknesses are identified, you can start putting in more effective hours on those topics. It also helps you understand what you are doing wrong and why you are taking so much time to solve one question, and it can also help you become better by involving good solving techniques that enhance speed. 

5. Self Assessment

This is one of the best ways to determine where you stand in your preparation. This is something you must do not just a week before the exams but from the moment you begin the grind of NEET exams. Self-assessment helps you categorize the questions depending on how you find them easy, medium, or difficult. Bringing better problem-solving skills to difficult questions is how you can ensure and assure yourself that you will do well on the upcoming NEET exam.

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6. Identify Important Topics

Taking notes on different question papers can help you deduce the important topics that have been repeated over the years. It helps you categorize the entire question paper into important and less important topics. This will help you give better validation to topics that are very important and spend much less time on the topics that are of least importance. This must be completed after learning all topics and before beginning revision. 

7. Best Revision Tool

Solving previous question papers is a good revision tool as it contains all of the sections and topics mixed up just like they are going to be in the exam. This helps give you a clear cut idea of the areas that need improvement. It also helps boost your overall confidence, so it’s a good idea to practice as much as possible. 

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The exam pressure that NEET places on you is extremely real. But planning effectively and solving as many previous-year question papers as possible can give you a good stake upfront. So, make sure you have this on your study agenda while you prepare. 

Alpha Entrance Academy in Alleppey, Kerala, gives students ample time to solve previous year’s question papers. Any doubts regarding the solving of previous question papers will be handled by our teachers effectively. 

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