Best Books to Prepare for JEE Advanced Mathematics

JEE Advanced prepared a pinch more dedication and commitment. Only honest and meticulous preparation can take your boat to the shores of success. Experienced tutors can help you with tricks and tips to memorize difficult topics. JEE Advanced Mathematics preparation has been one of the uphill tasks for many aspirants.

Books to Prepare for JEE Advanced Mathematics

We could identify some of the best Mathematics books for JEE Advanced. Instead of buying all the books available, purchase these books. The books we suggest here cover the topics comprehensively. Therefore, you don’t have to study from several books.

  • Maths XI and XII – RD Sharma
  • Objective Mathematics for JEE Main and Advanced and Other Engineering Entrance Exams – RD Sharma
  • Higher Algebra – Hall and Knight
  • Plane Trigonometry –  SL Loney
  • Plane Coordinate Geometry – SL Loney
  • Problems in Calculus of One Variable – IA Maron
  • Differential Calculus – A Dasgupta
  • Course in Mathematics for IIT JEE – Tata McGraw

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Tips for JEE Advanced Mathematics Exam Preparation

Further, referring to the best books for Maths, you can follow a methodical preparation to crack JEE Advanced exam. Go through the exam preparation tips and tricks. Before you go to the best books for JEE advanced Mathematics.

  • A timetable is mandatory for JEE Advanced preparation. Make sure that you follow it without fail. Small efforts consistently will lead to great achievements.
  • Check the syllabus for JEE advanced syllabus and note those.
  • Discuss with the tutors to identify the most important topics and repeatedly ask the type of questions.
  • Get feedback from the teachers to recognize your flaws. Give ample time for those topics to improve upon them.
  • Prepare a quick reference note and note down the important formulas and equations.
  • Mark the repeatedly asked type of questions and find time to practice those several times.
  • Practice questions from the topics after you finish each portion. Problems available in the Maths books we suggest would give you enough confidence to resolve those problems quickly.
  • Collect the previous years’ question papers and attend those once you complete the topics.
  • Attend as many mock tests as possible. It would improve your confidence and speed.
  • Time management is essential for attending maximum questions correctly. Mock tests are the best for learning time management.
  • Find out how you can strategize the exam. Obtain help from professional tutors if required.
  • Study and prepare from the best books for JEE advanced Maths preparation. Don’t forget to cover all the portions from the NCERT syllabus.
  • Revise as much as possible. It would fortify your optimistic attitude and make you more confident.
  • Keep calm during the preparation and while attending the exam. Tension will affect your performance.

Avoid the Following during Preparation of JEE Advanced

Negative habits and destructive traits are the enemies of success. You must get rid of those if you want to succeed in life. You must channelize your energy towards growth and achievement to crack the JEE Advanced with excellent grades.

Don’t Procrastinate – Procrastination is the biggest foe of great attainments. Deferring the commencement of preparation, study schedule, or joining an academy for JEE coaching can destroy your dreams. Avoid keeping anything for tomorrow. Now is the time for beginning everything. Start right away instead of thinking of starting from tomorrow.

Remove Negativity – Negative thoughts will lead to negative results. Your presumptions like you cannot clear the exam will eventually materialize. Learn to eradicate such thoughts from your mind. Nurture positive thoughts only.

Don’t panic during the preparation or the exam – Students tend to panic when they think the time is not enough to complete the portions. It will cause derailment of the preparation. The same is the effect when you are amid the exams as well. Meditation and yoga may be good for keeping the reins of your mind in your hand. Don’t allow your thoughts to tense you.

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