10 Tips to Strengthen the Basics for the IIT-JEE Exam

The IIT-JEE exam is one of the most important exams for aspiring engineers. Many students join IIT JEE entrance coaching centres every year to increase their chances of clearing the exam. But when preparing for the IIT-JEE exam, it is also vital to take care of the fundamentals. They help you score better and are also a prerequisite for other aspects of your preparation. With that said, not everyone knows what these basics are or how to strengthen them. In this blog post, we will discuss ten tips to strengthen the basics for the IIT-JEE exam:

1) Use examples to grasp the basic concepts:

Examples can help you understand the basics of the various topics of the IIT-JEE exam. They make it easier to comprehend and retain in-depth knowledge of the subject. Connect your learning to real-life experiences as they can help you better understand the notion you’re learning. 

2) Importance Of NCERT Textbooks:

When seeking to strengthen the basics for the IIT-JEE exam, you need to build a strong foundation with NCERT books. NCERT textbooks cover all subjects in detail and provide clear explanations without ambiguity. In addition to helping you in the IIT-JEE exam, it will also benefit you later in higher education.

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3) Scan the chapters that cover similar concepts:

Some topics in the IIT-JEE exam are interlinked or similar to other subjects. Instead of studying them at different points in the syllabus, you can group similar topics and finish them together. For example, you combine all the topics of electricity. You will be reading the chapter on static electricity, electrolysis, and conductors while studying the subject of electricity. It saves your time and covers a broader portion of the syllabus simultaneously.

4) Divide intricate and confusing concepts into smaller pieces to learn:

Many students commit the mistake of memorizing the entire IIT-JEE syllabus. While it is essential to know the basics of each topic, it is more important to know the topics well. Break down comprehensive concepts into smaller topics and try to cover as many topics as possible inside each concept. Try to master these little topics by going through questions or real-life examples, then moving on to the next one.

5) Don’t rush to complete the syllabus. Have a deep understanding:

Although you need to cover all the topics in the IIT-JEE exam syllabus, you do not have to memorize them. Instead, focus on understanding the topics. It will help you grasp every chapter better. Keep reading the NCERT textbooks, again and again, to understand the fundamentals thoroughly. Do not practice rote learning to memorize the words. Understanding the subject is the key.

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6) Master physics problems by mastering the IIT-JEE syllabus basics:

Strong basics help you understand and remember the extensive physics topics. To be strong in your basics, make sure you spend a few hours every day studying, including on weekends. Without a clear idea of the fundamentals of physics, you won’t be able to solve the physics problems. Once you have understood the physics topics, you can solve physics questions effortlessly. 

7) Clear up certain concepts that will help you remember the fundamentals of chemistry:

Chemistry demands a deep understanding of units, conversions, atomic structure, chemical bonding, electrolysis, the periodic table, and how atoms and molecules react or interact. To remember the basics of chemistry, try to understand the concept better. Then, try to give examples from your daily life to help you grasp the concept better.

8) Write down what you understand in your own words and retain the basics of Biology:

Biology is the study of how organisms function, grow, and develop. Biology covers everything from the tiniest cellular life form to the largest living thing on Earth. It is a diverse field that comprises the study of genetics, physiology, ecology, and evolution. To retain the basics of biology, write the answers in your own words to grasp the concepts better.

9) Solve Previous Years’ JEE Question Papers:

Practice until you master it. Solve as many JEE papers as possible from the previous years. In addition to helping you understand the types of questions and the pattern of the question paper, it can also help you comprehend the strategies you’ll need for solving the paper.

10) If you find a topic boring, don’t skip it. Instead, find new and exciting methods to learn it:

Ongoing preparations can lead to monotony due to repetition. Do not lose focus, even if a topic seems uninteresting. Try new ways of learning or engage in engaging practices while studying. You can accomplish it by using active learning techniques such as challenging your comprehension, developing flow charts, drawing tables and patterns, diagrams for simple memory, and idea mapping.

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Wrapping Up:

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The IIT-JEE is an important test, but it does not have to be complicated. The ideas provided above will assist you in better mastering the IIT JEE syllabus and comprehending topics. These tips will strengthen the basics for the IIT-JEE Exam along with your IIT-JEE entrance coaching in Kerala.

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