10 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Preparing for the JEE Advanced 2024

Students might be aware of the exam pattern and syllabus as JEE advanced aspirants. But, many make mistakes while preparing for the exam. There are some silly mistakes made by JEE Advanced candidates without any knowledge about their consequences. In this blog, we cover the 10 common mistakes to avoid when preparing for the JEE Advanced 2024.

Check Out The List of Common Mistakes

The following is the list of common mistakes to avoid when preparing for the JEE Advanced 2024 exam.

1. Not Preparing a Good Study Plan

JEE Aspirants who are preparing for national-level competitive exams should prepare a good study plan. It is the most important task before starting the preparation. Students usually don’t make a proper study plan and prefer to go with the flow. This will prevent them from covering all the important topics in the subjects. Without a good study plan, you can get out of track and mess up with different topics. You will also not be able to complete the subjects on time.

2. Ignoring to Revise Well

Keep in mind that you should not make any compromises with the revision. It is a crucial part of JEE Advanced preparation. Students fail to make enough time for their revisions. It will take a lot of time to revise the complete syllabus within a few weeks of heading up to the exam. If you fail to revise properly, you will miss an opportunity to clarify your doubts and check for potential mistakes. Also, you may not brush up on the weak areas. Therefore, you need to make time for multiple revisions during the exam.

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3. Not Analysing Performance and Improvements

Students also do not analyse their performance through practice and mock tests. They just study, revise once, and assume that they have covered everything to clear the exams. For competitive exams like JEE Advanced, analysing performance is very important. This is why you should attempt mock tests to know your performance. Tests will help you know how much time you are taking to solve a question. You will also know which topic or subject needs more improvement.

4. Not Clearing Doubts

Every student will have doubts while preparing for the exam. Some prefer to ignore the doubts and move on to the next topic. When you avoid and do not try to clear your doubts, you will get more doubts when you proceed with the preparation. First, you need to resolve the doubt yourself. If you are not able to solve it, check out the online resources available. You can also consult the tutor to clarify any doubts. Clearing doubts will help you get a better understanding of the subject.

5. Choosing a Selective Study Plan

Many students make this major mistake by studying selectively. They prefer to pick up specific topics and chapters that they feel comfortable and familiar with. And they ignore the rest of the chapters. But, this will not help the students score well on the exam. Moreover, it will become harder for them to work on their weak areas. So, as a JEE advanced aspirant, instead of focusing more on what you are good at, you need to work and improve on your weaknesses.

6. Not Familiar With the Official Syllabus

The syllabus for JEE Advanced may be updated every year. Students make the mistake of randomly following the syllabus from any resource and start to prepare with the previous ones. This mistake may cause you to miss new topics in the updated syllabus. This is why it is always advised to stay updated with the official syllabus. Students must visit the official website of JEE Advanced 2024 and download the syllabus. Accordingly, they have to prepare a study plan and timetable.

7. Avoiding NCERT Books

Students refer to so many books and guides but ignore the NCERT books. NCERT should be the first reference for the study of JEE Advanced preparation. These books will help you understand important concepts in simple language. You must also know that NCERT follows the official syllabus of JEE Advanced. So, you will cover almost all the topics in these books. Students who have attempted the JEE Advanced have witnessed direct questions from NCERTs. So, prioritise preparing for the exam using these books.

8. Ignoring Health Conditions 

Students, while preparing for competitive exams, will stay up the whole night. Also, they will ignore having food properly on time. This will affect your health, and you’ll not have the energy to prepare for the exam. Also, students continuously study for hours and get stressed out. It will ruin their mental health, and they won’t be able to focus or concentrate. Prioritise both mental and physical health. You will feel better if you take breaks in the middle. Also, practise doing exercise and meditation, as well as eating and sleeping on time.

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9. Not Seeking Help When Needed

During preparation, students will have a number of questions in their minds, which leads to doubts. They will try to solve it by themselves. But, if they cannot, they will prefer to ignore that and not seek professional help. It is necessary to consult a teacher or join a coaching institute when you find it difficult to prepare for the exam. If you do not take the step, you will end up losing your attempts.

10. Leaving Topics and Not Practising Enough

Students skipping certain topics during preparation can be important for the exam. They only check on some important topics and study accordingly. But, this is the biggest mistake, you should not leave any topic. Furthermore, students should strategically make enough time to cover all the topics and revise them. It has been noticed that candidates practise less for JEE Advanced or stop practising after JEE Main. However, they should practise more and attempt the JEE Advanced mock tests regularly.

Final Thoughts 

The above are the 10 common mistakes to avoid when preparing for the JEE Advanced 2024 exam. Once you are aware of these mistakes, you can score qualifying marks. If you are looking for a coaching institute where you can prepare well, join Alpha Entrance Academy. We provide study materials, practical exams, and professional advice to ace competitive exams. If you are determined and have a positive attitude, you can succeed in the JEE Advanced exam and achieve your academic objectives.

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