How to Create a Study Plan for JEE Advanced 2023: Tips and Tricks

JEE Advanced 2023 is a very crucial examination for every IIT aspirant. The preparation for this exam is extremely important, and it requires systematically investing time and effort in the right direction. Creating an effective schedule is necessary if you want to crack the exam with the highest score and get into the coveted IITs. In this blog, let us get into the depths of the exam and how to create a study plan for JEE Advanced 2023.

What is JEE Advanced 2023?

The JEE Advanced 2023 exam is the entrance exam for undergraduate level programs rendered by the Indian Institute of Technology, or IITs for short. The exam is very challenging and is considered to be one of the toughest exams in India. Cracking the exam is not an easy task and requires a lot of strategic approach, hard work, and smart work.

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JEE Advanced 2023 Important Dates

  • The registration dates for the JEE Advanced for foreign applicants started on April 24, 2023, and for Indian applicants started on April 30, 2023. 
  • May 8, 2023, is the deadline for fee payment. 
  • The Admit Card will be available on the official website from May 29, 2023, to June 4, 2023.
  • The option to choose a scribe for PwD candidates opens on June 3, 2023. 
  • The exam date is scheduled for June 4, 2023.
  • A copy of the responses of the candidates will be available on the website on June 9, 2023.
  • The online display of provisional answer keys will be available on June 11, 2023.
  • The online declaration of final answer keys will be on June 18, 2023.
  • The final result declaration will be made on June 18, 2023.
  • The joint seat allocation will start tentatively in the month of July 2023. 

Subject-wise preparation strategy for JEE Advanced 2023

JEE Advanced Preparation- Maths

Math is a subject that has been infused with conceptual understanding. The subject cannot be mugged up, and even the formulas of the subject need to be studied carefully. To score the best, candidates need to be thorough with the concepts. Only with an understanding of the basics will it be easier to progress in this subject.

  • Algebra holds 10% of the overall questions asked in the JEE Advanced, and hence, a perfect understanding of the workings of this topic needs to be the student’s strongpoint. 
  • The geometry section holds 25% of the weightage, and if prepared consciously, the student can score a fair share of marks from this section as it is comparatively easier. 
  •  Calculus can be considered the toughest portion of the math syllabus, and one will require a lot of practice to nail this section. The weight of calculus is 35%. 
  • Vector and 3D hold 30% of the total marks and are an easy portion to solve. But the dilemma comes because the questions can be lengthy and might not be that easy to comprehend. Make sure to not take so much time while solving these questions. 

JEE Advanced Preparation- Physics

Physics is again to be attempted in the JEE Advanced with a definite understanding of the concepts. 

  • Most of the questions asked in the JEE Advanced exam are mechanical and electromagnetism. It comes to around 65%. To answer these questions with ease, one needs to have a conceptual understanding of them, which is only possible with a good amount of practice. 
  • The questions that are being asked in physics change from year to year, and hence, mainstream questions should not be the only ones on which you need to focus. Try to practice different questions from different points of view.
  • Electromagnetism is the toughest part, and hence more importance has to be given.
  • Investing a lot of time in the details of each topic will consume more hours, which have to be expended in learning other topics as well.
  • Practical and theoretical side needs to be given equal importance.
  • The weightage for other topics is as follows: Optics and Matter- 15%, Modern Physics-10%, and heat and thermodynamics-10%. 

JEE Advanced Preparation- Chemistry

Chemistry is just like physics and requires a good understanding of the topics. Chemistry can be a little bit tricky to invest long hours into and therefore needs to be done effectively. 

  • 30% of the chemistry syllabus revolves around physical chemistry, and the section is comparatively easier. 
  • The next 30% of the syllabus is devoted to inorganic chemistry, which has both theoretical and practical questions. 
  • And the final portion of the subject is dedicated to organic chemistry, which can be a little tougher compared to other parts. To score well, one will need to have a good grasp on organic chemistry. 

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Strategies to Clear JEE Advanced 2023

1. Understanding the JEE Advanced 2023 Exam Pattern

The first step is to have a good yet foundational understanding of the exam. It is not ideal to go into an exam without knowing what can be expected out of it. The JEE Advanced 2023 consists of two exam papers, and the exam is conducted in online mode. Paper 1 will have only multiple choice questions, and the second paper will have both multiple choice questions and numerical questions. Understanding the exam format will help you align your preparations accordingly.

2. Solve as Many Numerical Problems as Possible

The exam is curated in such a way that it tests analytical skills, comprehension, and reasoning. The questions asked under Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics are on an advanced level and will require an in-depth understanding of the application of the concepts rather than just a mere understanding of the concepts. So, solving as many numerical problems as possible is the best chance for you to crack JEE Advanced 2023.

3. Practicing Question Papers

The previous year’s question papers can be of great help in understanding the extent to which questions are asked and the depth in which the student requires to analyze a topic. When enough time is contributed towards solving the past year’s questions, it can help gain an idea of the topics that have more importance and the ones that have the least importance. A pattern of the ways in which questions are asked can help you evaluate whether the study schedule and the time that you are investing in each topic are correct or not. 

4. Use Proper Techniques to Study

The techniques used to learn all three subjects require distinctiveness, and there might be favorites amongst these that might not require much time to study and may interest you more. So, according to the difficulty of how the student can comprehend the subject, attention should be directly proportional to this. 

5. Keep Track of Strengths and Weaknesses

Not every student will be an expert in all three subjects. Each student will have strengths and weaknesses within the subject topics as well. The time has to be invested in the subjects according to how easily you can move across the topics. Once the strengths and weaknesses are defined, more time can be spent on them. 

6. Set Daily Targets

Setting daily targets can actually serve two purposes. One, the entire syllabus of JEE Advanced 2023 can be reduced down into attainable targets, which gives a better understanding of the goal and helps them achieve it in the scheduled time. Each day can be designed to cover these many topics spanning within each subject, thus making the revision process easy.

7. Attempting Mock Tests

Mock tests can help in attempting questions of different difficulty levels. The questions can help envision the range of questions that can be asked during the exam. It also helps you do timed tests, which help you put in the right amount of time to solve each of the questions in the exam.

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Important Books for JEE Advanced 2023

For Physics:

  • Concepts of Physics by H.C. Verma (Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 )
  • Fundamentals of Physics by David Halliday/ Resnick/Walker
  • IIT Physics by D.C. Pandey
  • Problems in Physics by S.S. Krotov
  • Understanding Physics by Freedman and Young
  • Problems in General Physics by I.E. Irodov

For Chemistry:

  • A Modern Approach to Chemical Calculations by R. C. Mukherjee
  • Physical Chemistry by O. P. Tandon
  • Concise Inorganic Chemistry by J. D. Lee
  • Organic Chemistry by Peter Sykes
  • Physical Chemistry by P.W. Atkins
  • Organic Chemistry by M. S. Chauhan

For Mathematics:

  • Maths XI & XII by R.D. Sharma
  • Advanced Problems in Mathematics for JEE (Main & Advanced) by Vikas Gupta & Pankaj Joshi
  • Algebra- Higher Algebra by Hall and Knight
  • Objective Mathematics for JEE Main, & Advanced and Other Engineering Entrance Examinations by R.D. Sharma
  • Trigonometry & Geometry – Plane Trigonometry Part 1 by S.L. Loney
  • Calculus – Problems in Calculus of One Variable by I.A. Maron
  • Course in Mathematics for IIT-JEE by Tata McGraw-Hill publications

Instructions for Exam Day

Here are some important pointers that can help you get through your exam day:

  • Carry the JEE Advanced Admit Card for 2023.
  • Make sure you read the instructions on your admit card.
  • Make sure to reach the examination center way before time to steer clear of last minute stress and confusion.
  • Do not look into new topics or even last minute revisions prior to entering the exam hall.
  • Hear the instructions from the invigilators and move at the pace suggested by them before the exam.
  • Do not unnecessarily chat or look into your fellow mates’ computers.
  • Make sure to go to the toilet before entering the exam hall. 
  • Complete the exam on time.
  • Once the exam is over, wait to hear the instructions of the invigilator.
  • Don’t create an unnecessary ruckus while coming out of the exam hall.

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