How to Focus for Long Hours on JEE Exam Preparation?

The JEE exam requires a lot of intense preparation if you want to crack the exam with a high score and have the chance of admission to the most prestigious engineering institutions in India, especially the IITs. A student may need to devote a significant amount of time to this goal in order to achieve it. The exam covers a vast number of topics, which cannot be completed without having a constructive schedule designed for preparation. This blog will provide you with various tips on how to focus for long hours on JEE exam preparation.

Tips to Focus for Long Hours on JEE Exam Preparation


1. Choose Your Perfect Study Spot

Choosing the right spot should be given the highest priority if you are planning to study for the JEE without the chance of being interrupted by people or any other such distractions. The room you select should be away from the usual chaos of the home, and it should preferably be able to block out a lot of noise. If you have no such place in your room, you can go ahead and find yourself some good libraries that will allow outsiders to make room for studies. Let the spot you choose have a lot of natural light and air because a cramped up room can bring in a sense of fatigue. If you have the perfect spot to study, now let’s look into the other changes.

2. Write Down Your Goals Every Day

It is very important to be goal-oriented when you are preparing for a highly competitive exam such as the JEE. Every year, a large number of students both inside and outside of India prepare for the exam. So, being consistent with your learning schedule is a prerequisite.

Writing down the goals for the day at the start of each day is a good habit to instill in order to be systematic. This can serve as a benchmark for the day, and by the end of the day, you’ll be able to compare and comprehend how much of the stated goals you were able to achieve. Make sure to keep a proper note of the study goals in a notebook, which can help you track your progress for a long time and even help you analyze the setbacks that actually led to not completing your assigned tasks for the day.

3. Smart Study Techniques

It will be quite boring and tiring to sit and read the same topics over and over. Incorporating some good techniques will help you make sure that you don’t fall asleep after a few minutes of studying. For this, you can take advantage of the free learning resources available on the internet, which can help you get rid of the sluggishness. It can be in the form of a quiz or even in the form of cue cards, and maybe even in animated forms that help you learn effectively. You can also call up your friends and invest in a combined study, which can help you learn better without falling asleep.

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4. Finish Up the Difficult Tasks First

Most students postpone complex and difficult topics until the last minute. But this is not the right way to go about learning for an exam like JEE. The best way to make a proper study schedule is to make sure to include the hard topics to be learned in the active hours rather than towards the end of the day. By assigning tough concepts to the first half of the day, you will be able to be more confident as you have finished harder topics and will feel more confident in completing easier topics.

5. Take breaks While Studying

When we say long hours of JEE preparation, we don’t mean you shouldn’t take breaks in between. Taking small breaks from time to time will only help improve your concentration, and it is a good idea to get rid of fatigue. Taking breaks doesn’t mean that they should last for hours altogether; take short breaks that are time-bound. Fix the breaks in such a way that you take them after completing one full concept or topic, and then make sure to come back to study once your time for a break is over.

6. Eat Healthy Foods and Drink Plenty of Water

JEE exams can definitely cause undue stress in the minds of students, which prompts them to binge on salty and sugary foods. This is not good for their health, and the chances are that it makes them tired and causes them to sleep for long periods of time. It will be more fitting to increase the number of meals rather than load the body with large amounts of food at once. Hydrating oneself can also help improve health and keep the body from feeling overworked. So, make sure to have balanced and nutritious meals along with good amounts of water.

7. Remember Why You Are Preparing for JEE

Even after doing everything, it is humanly possible to be distracted and zone out while preparing for JEE. When this happens, it is necessary to remind yourself why you are preparing for JEE in the first place. Introspecting your goals every once in a while when you feel you are slipping off course is necessary to stay put.

8. Study More During Your Productive Hours

Different people have different times when they feel comfortable and most productive. Identifying those productive moments is necessary to set the study plan accordingly. If you are an early riser and feel that the morning hours are the best time to learn concepts, choose that time frame for covering the most important topics. If you feel you study better late at night, then those are your productive hours, so plan your sleep and breaks to meet these hours.

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9. Build Your Interest in the Subjects

If you are adept in clearing the JEE with the best possible marks, then it is best to start creating an affinity for the subjects. The love for the subjects will help you score higher and eventually rank higher in the JEEs.

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